Healing Boston By Hand for 30 Years

Manual Medicine: Physical Therapy and Muscular Therapy Are Just the Beginning

Are you looking to relieve your pain, regain function, and start enjoying life again?

At Muscular Solutions, that’s what Barry Meklir, MSPT, LMT has done for his patients for more than 30 years. He’ll eliminate or reduce your pain and restore your function so you can return to the activities you love – as swiftly as possible.

Barry will treat your symptoms and investigate the root cause of your pain to prevent it from returning. During and after a treatment session, you will feel the difference in how your body responds and moves.

The Manual Medicine Method

Barry has mastered a vast array of diagnostic and treatment techniques during his 30 years as a practitioner. He will align, balance, and integrate your body’s various systems so you function as a unified whole.

Barry’s toolkit incorporates techniques drawn from disciplines including:

Your treatment is intradisciplinary and crafted to your individual needs. Barry will also recommend posture and movement corrections and exercises to augment your treatment. This personalized treatment approach is why Boston has put its wellbeing in Barry’s healing hands for more than 30 years.