Case Studies

March 10, 2010

Why-Physical-TherapyThese three case studies provide an insight into the power of muscular therapy.

A 55yo doctor from Brookline who had been suffering from 30 years of back pain without significant improvement sought out my services. His chronic pain had not only limited his ability to see his patient but had started to decrease his ability to play ball with his son. Using osteopathic and chiropractic techniques, I aligned his pelvis and then used myofascial release and connective tissue work to relax and restore his muscles to there proper length. He was then fitted with an eighth of an inch heel lift for his shoe. This treatment occurred over 3 visits 1 week apart after which time he was and remains pain free. I’ve since bumped into this physician on the street who apologized for not calling me again but said he feels terrific. That was over 5 years ago.

anatomy, musclesA 19yo student suffering from right heel and foot pain of several years duration was brought to me by her mother who was given my name by a good friend who was a patient of mine. Her mother was very upset by the fact that her daughter had been suffering with pain for a number of years and had received no relief from both physicians and physical therapists. After analyzing her gait and testing the strength of her various muscles I determined what was causing her problem. I adjusted her foot bones back to the proper alignment and restored her muscles to there proper strength and functioning by using strain-counterstrain to relax her over worked muscles, triggerpoint work to remove the “knots” in her muscles, cross fiber fractioning to break down the scar tissue that had formed and myofascial release to restore the proper resting length to her muscles and fascia. She left my office pain free for the first time in years. Since that time I have treated not only her for various other problems and injuries but also her two other siblings. Her foot has remained pain free.

bodyA 22yo computer programmer was suffering with constant burning pain in his upper back, neck and shoulders as well as frequent pain in his forearms and hands that was making his dialy life difficult and his work unbearable. After spending 6 weeks in physical therapy he was only slightly better. Two weeks after that, he was right back where he started and very upset and disillusioned about his chances for both keeping his job and being pain free. On the advice of his girlfriend he sought out my services. Instead of having him try and exercise his problem away as physical therapy did, I proceeded to restore his body back to its natural balance. Using muscle energy I lengthened his short muscles while strain-counter-strain was used to relax his over-stimulated system. Spinal manipulation gently restored his vertebrae to their proper position while myofascial release and trigger-point work un-knotted his tight muscles. We then discussed proper posture and computer ergonomics so that he would not continue to injure himself. After the hour was over, he told me I did more for him in that time than 6 weeks of physical therapy. He is currently pain free and sees me once a month to help him remain that way. He is still working as a computer programmer keyboarding over 30 hours per week.

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