April 17, 2010
As a professional athlete my health is my career. So, before I step onto the field,  I step into Muscular Solutions. When I leave Barry's office I feel stronger and  more energized; like I just had a tune-up. The result is that I play better on  Sunday and for me that's the real proof.

Ted Johnson - New England Patriots
After getting two different diagnoses of bursitis from two different doctors, taking various prescription drugs and sitting around for a whole year with no lessening of  my pain, I finally sought out Mr. Meklir's services.  By the end of the second  treatment, I was 100% and able to resume my busy lifestyle without pain.  I have  since recommended his services to several of my own clients who were suffering  from athletic injuries or chronic pain and they have reported a similar level of  satisfaction.

Debbie Neal - Personal Trainer & Health Club Manager
After 11 months of various medical procedures (MRI, nerve conduction velocity test, mylegram), several doctors (neurologist, orthopedist, internist), physical therapy, two different massage therapists, and a chiropractor to treat pain and injuries I suffered in an automobile accident, I was referred to Barry Meklir.  In three short visits I was 100% pain free and had regained full mobility.  On Barry's advice, I am back working out on a regular basis and conditioning to once again play tennis and golf after nearly a year absence.  My deepest gratitude and respect goes to Barry.  He is without a doubt the reason for my recovery.

Stephen Parnell, Scituate, MA
The chiropractor had promised that my back problems would be cured after a year. After one year of seeing him 2-3 times a week, my back was improved, but not cured. He then claimed I needed a second year of treatment. I went to Barry Meklir on the recommendation of a friend.  Barry identified the problem and cured my back pain after only two treatments! Now I see him 1-2 times a year for "a tune-up". If I did the exercises he gave me, I probably wouldn’t have to see him at all!

Bill Fermon, Peabody, MA
After years of chronic pain and muscular problems and various attempts to alleviate my pain through bodywork, rolfing, and medication, I have finally found some relief.  Barry combines multiple disciplines of bodywork to not only relieve the pain but to help prevent its return.  I leave felling healthier and more in control of my body.

Michelle Miller, New York, NY
For a little over two years I had bilateral tendonitis in my elbows.  I had sought help from and internist, an orthopod, and finally a pain clinic, all to no avail.  Mr. Meklir was my last hope.  Withing three months of having regular muscular therapy and following his recommendations regarding specific strengthening exercises, I was pain free.  To date, I continue to be pain free, am in great health... and continue to seek his advice on my current exercise program.

Julie Smith, Brookline, MA
Barry Meklir has been instrumental in relieving neck and shoulder pain from a surgical procedure.  Aside from his tremendous ability to relax chronically tightened muscles, he is a compassionate practitioner.  A rare combination these days.

Rabbi Alvin Sandberg, Brookline, MA
Barry did an excellent job of putting me back together after a nasty car accident in December 2001. I had very little idea what was wrong, other than knowing that a bunch of things were out of whack and I was in pain. Even my regular doctor wasn't able to figure out how extensively I was hurt, sending me for lots of tests that were wholly unnecessary, like an EKG. Barry's greatest diagnostic skill is knowing how everything in the body is connected, and that damage in one place often shows up in a completely different, unexpected place. He does a thorough job, and fixes the problem and alleviates any of the secondary problems. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs thorough, investigative musculo-skeletal treatment, especially when traditional, HMO-based medicine fails us again and again.

Christopher S. Penn, Framingham, MA
Having had back surgery in 1984, I had grown accustomed to living with a certain degree of back and neck pain as well as frequent headaches. I wrongly believed nothing could be done about them. I was referred to Barry Meklir by a friend and only half believing I went to see him. It was with great surprise that after only 3 sessions with Barry I stopped using pain killers on a regular basis and started feeling really well!

What was even more surprising was that Barry took the time to not only understand what was causing the pain, and fix it, but also to assess what in my daily routine could acerbate it and/or cause it to reoccur and wisely advised me on methods to prevent that from happening. I guess it is sad to have been surprised by such behavior; for it reflects the sorry state of our health care system when we expect to find doctors who are not truly devoted to helping their patients to their utmost abilities. It has been a relief and a pleasure to have found an exception in Barry. It is abundantly clear to me that he cares deeply about all of his patients and that he strives to make that caring evident in his practice. I would suggest to anyone who is in pain to lose the thought that "no one can help me, I'll just have to live with it" and take action by calling Muscular Solutions!

Ippolita Passigli, Chestnut Hill, MA
When I came to see Barry, I had recently been in a motor vehicle accident, my neck and shoulders were locked up in severe spasms- so much so that I was walking around stooped over like an old woman. I was on a business trip and I was just looking for a little relaxing massage- instead, I found Barry. That was about six months ago - since then he has not only helped with the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders but the pain in my lower back associated with other issues from my car accident. It has been such a pleasure working with him since he is always happy to support his treatment theory and practice with detailed explanations and even documentation from his books!

Elizabeth Oei RN,BS, Product Manager : Physiometrix, Inc.

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