April 17, 2010
Barry is a no-nonsense healer who has helped me tremendously on my quest for a “biomechanical renaissance” of sorts. He does not pretend to “cure” disorder outright, but rather works with patients on their personal healing journey, using his expertise to highlight and address dysfunction. His ultimate goal is to promote the self-care of his patients - as it should be.

As an athletic individual with a ligamentously lax, hypermobile disposition, I have had my share of injuries and surgeries over the years. I am a prospective osteopathic physician who has previously spent quite some time working for a traditional orthopedic surgeon. I sought help from Barry once I recognized the significance of the deep interplay between the various musculoskeletal conditions I am facing in multiple joints - something that is not properly addressed in a traditional orthopedic setting. Barry, of course, immediately caught on to this notion and addressed it. After all, his integrative and whole-body approach is what sets him apart from the rest.

I have been nothing short of blown away by Barry’s knowledge of musculoskeletal systems and his ability for hands-on treatment. His physical exam is utterly immaculate, honestly mind-boggling, and has set a new bar for me to aspire to reach in my future career. That, coupled with his compassion and ability to listen, makes him very good at what he does: heal. I would undoubtedly recommend Muscular Solutions to anyone who has been dealing with chronic orthopedic issues!

Lucas Zornoza Osteopathic Medical Student
March 3, 2020

Man, where to begin? First of all thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I've regained about 75% mobility in my arm. For two days now I've been able to practice for 1h1/2 without pain. I'm walking around like a teenager. You must be some kind of body savant.

Alain Mallet Pianist/Berkelee Professor

Barry is a miracle worker and I totally credit him with getting me back to health and out of chronic, severe pain after a car accident and the resulting two knee replacements. Being a PT as well as an MT, he has the medical background behind his muscle work but also has a instinctive acuity that is just mind blowing. I went to several PTs who would stand there and count while I did leg exercises -- useless! I can do that at home myself. Barry addresses the physical with massage and sends you home with the exercises or equipment you should be using. He actually picked up that my pelvis was sprained which no other doctor or PT picked up. He gave me the equipment and exercises to do to address it. It turned out that this was the source of a lot of my pain. Had I not gone to him, I know I'd still be waking up everyday exhausted and grumpy from being in constant pain. THANK YOU BARRY!

Margo K. Hamilton, MA

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