April 17, 2010
Barry Meklir represents the finest in providing a comprehensive solution to physical ailments. Over the past year, I was given multiple explanations for the cause of my lower  back pain.  I spoke with various doctors, a radiologist, a MRI specialist, an orthopedic surgeon and had way too many chiropractor visits, all of which gave me a different explanation for my back pain.  After becoming more frustrated and confused every day, I went in Barry's direction to see if he could get down to the underlying causes of the pain I was experiencing.  I couldn't help but to feel skeptical about seeing yet another medical professional, but his analysis and advice far exceeded my expectations.  What he was able to do for me was to analyze my situation thoroughly and not only diagnose the major causes of my back pain, but pinpointed many of the little aspects in my posture and daily life that were attributing to my re occuring pain.  Whereas a chiropractor takes an approach that you must be seen many times over a given period in order to 'get relief',  Barry will provide you with a solution that will get you feeling much better with far fewer visits.  Barry Meklir doesn't want you to live in pain in his office.  His goal is to get you feeling better faster so you can live your life the way you used to.

Benjamin Fenn, Brighton, MA
When I came to Barry Meklir, I had been suffering persistent lower back pain and neck pain for over three years.  I also had pain in both my shoulders for over ten years (from previous injuries).  It was keeping me awake at night and limiting my daily activities.  I had tried Western medicine, sports medicine,and acupuncture.  Nothing was helping and things were getting worse.

I had several treatments with Barry.  With each treatment he removed more and more pain.  With my first treatment, he fixed my lower back and removed the pain.  It was completely cured and now several months later it has not returned. Barry fixed my lower back, then my shoulders, then my neck.  His work was astonishing.  Now all the pain is gone.  I have full range of motion in my neck, shoulders, and back and the pain has not returned.  I am just thrilled!

I would highly recommend Barry Meklir to anyone.  I carry his cards and brochures with me and have given them to my friends and work associates.

If you are tired of living with muscle or joint pain and you want to see results, then go see Barry!

Joe Szep, Watertown, MA
I'd like to express my extreme appreciation and satisfaction for the help Barry has given me.  There were many times when suffering with intense back pain, I could barely stand up or even walk!  Barry is extremely intuitive and highly knowledgable in the field of Muscular Therapy.  He is extensively trained and keenly blessed with the fine skills to bring the body (and mind) back to wellness.  Barry Meklir is a very gifted Healer.  He wields a most welcome and  mighty 'force'.

Andrea Dovner, Sharon, MA
After two years of seeing countless, "top notch" physical therapists, I disgruntledly gave up my search for finding a "cure" for the injuries in my legs, hips and knees.  I had been an avid cyclist, runner, etc., and I was told I would never be able to ride the mileage I once had, and I certainly would  never run again.  As many active athletes know, that diagnosis is terrifying and cruel. I resorted to taking long walks, occasional swimming, and mostly moping.  A friend gave me Barry's number and said, "Trust me, you have to call him."

Well, my life changed dramatically within a few months. I'm fairly conservative in my choice of doctors, therapists etc., so when I say Barry is a gifted healer, I wholeheartedly mean it.  He understands the interconnectedness of muscle injury, alignment, balance, and most importantly, athletes in motion.  I can't possibly explain "what" he did, and "how" he untangled my muscles, but the results speak for themselves.  I have been riding more mileage than I was before my muscles "shut down".  I have completed three double century rides, with the guidance, support and treatment that Barry gave me.  I am running, playing tennis, and my next challenge is to play soccer.  After breaking my clavicle biking, Barry worked on me and gave me stretching exercises to prevent stiffening etc.  I have full range of my right arm, and I owe my healthy recovery to the work he did on me.

Barry is fascinated by the challenges each muscle injury presents.

He ingests the information brought to him, and thus begins the quest to fully "heal" the patient.  I have never encountered a practitioner who engages so completely in treating his patients.  I would call him a magician, but I know that his practice is based in his deep understanding of our highly complex musculoskeletal system.  When I walk out of his office, I feel confident, relaxed, and ready to partake in my next athletic endeavor.

I constantly refer friends and acquaintances to him.  The two years I spent in "physical therapy", repeating exercises, using various machines, helped me to feel like I was doing "something" to help my recovery, but the few months of work I did w/Barry, actually healed me.  I continue to see Barry periodically for a "tune up". His goal is to get you out of his office. He does not promote dependency and he encourages self-care.  Barry Meklir is a highly skilled practitioner. More than that, he is a brilliant healer.

Annice Kra, Brookline, MA
I visit the Boston area from California for a week every 2 - 3 years. I am in the area for business, so my days are booked with classes that I need to lead. Three years ago, I came to the area already in intense shoulder pain from work/stress-computer...kind of a 'mouse-abuse' shoulder. I found Barry's name in the Yellow Pages. In a one-hour visit, he decreased my pain by 75% and gave me a 5 min. daily stretch to do (I still do this daily).  By the end of day three, I was totally pain free. The pain has never returned. Because of the 7 PM appointment time, I did not need to miss a second of work.

The next work-related visit was this past January [2002] and I called ahead for an appointment, again making it late in the evening. I had a pulled arm muscle that he cured right away, but more importantly, I decided to tell him about my chronic back pain.  I have experienced moderate to severe back pain for over 30 years. I was more nervous about the back pain, as over the years, I had adjusted to living with pain. I worried that touching, moving, or manipulating my hips would cause more pain, or different pain. But the success of curing my shoulder and arm pain led me to trust that my back would not get worse and might improve.  Improve is not the word!!! I feel years younger. I left Barry's office that night pain free. Since he knew I was from California he took the time to write down each step that he did so my Osteopath would have a record. This was really helpful and easy for him to understand. I have been back for 4 months and have not needed one adjustment. But, the doctor has his notes if they are ever needed.

In my entire life, I have never been happier with a service than I have been with Muscular Solutions. His methods are different than

others that I have experienced, and the outcomes have been much, much more than I have ever experienced. Barry truly listened to my story of pain, asked questions, and his treatment really helped--and stayed with me. I would not hesitate to personally recommend him to anyone with mild to severe pain. Please feel free to give out my telephone number or email address to anyone needing a recommendation.

Irene Pino, Senior Implementation Specialist, Eatec Corporation
For 30 odd years I had some serious low back pain.  After seeing Barry a couple of times I am now on my third or fourth year of being pain free.  He is a very dedicated professional who works hard at his profession and has provided me with excellent care and follow up.  I am really appreciative of his service and hope this brief testamonial does justice to him.

Dr. Harvey Dulberg, Brookline MA
For months I suffered through the pain and discomfort of a neck and upper shoulder musculoskeletal injury. The physical therapy sessions I was faithfully attending didn't seem to be getting me anywhere. I was referred to Barry by my husband who had seen Barry several years ago for treatment of a lower back injury. Barry quickly diagnosed my problem and after a few sessions with Barry and some at-home stretching exercises, I was on my way to full recovery. I instantly felt confident in Barry's abilities which was extremely important to me as I was several months pregnant at the time. Barry is very knowledge, responsive and able to provide advice in terms a non-medical person can understand.

Jill Scirpo, Brookline, MA
"Being a professional dancer takes quite a toll on my body.  I was looking for a massage therapist that would be able to focus directly on my specific problems and have real solutions that produce results.  I found that person. Barry Meklir is the most effective massage therapist that I have ever worked with - and that is saying a lot because my mother is also a massage therapist!  I find myself recommending him to people I meet all the time.  I even give sessions with him as gifts to my husband."

Christine Schmitt, Brighton, MA
When I first went to see Barry Meklir I was literally tied up in knots, spasmed from the inside out. My lower back and buttocks felt so locked up I could hardly get out of bed or bend over in the morning. My upper back was hard as a rock and I could not relax.

Barry Meklir's profound knowledge of the human body and body mechanics along with his gentle yet firm touch and down to earth manner make him an invaluable muscular therapist. It is clear to me Barry's work has helped relieve me of both chronic and acute pain and has helped to re-educate my muscular system.

I am extremely pleased to have him as part of my personal health team and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of muscular therapy and I often refer my own patients to him.

Kathy Seltzer, Dipl. Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist
Barry has quickly and effectively treated several long-standing orthopedic problems, for which I am very thankful. I am very lucky to have found him.

Andy Reamer

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