April 17, 2010
fter 11 months of various medical procedures (MRI, nerve conduction, mylegram), several doctors (neurologist, orthopedist, and internist), physical therapy, two different massage therapists and a chiropractor to treat pain and injuries I suffered in an automobile accident, I was refered to Barry Meklir by one of my massage therapists. In 3 short visits I was 100% pain free and had regained full mobility. On Barry's advice, I am back to working out on a regular basis and conditioning to once again play tennis and golf after nearly a year of absence. My deepest gratitude and respect goes to Barry. He is without a doubt the reason for my recovery.

Stephen Parnell
It is a real pleasure to work with Barry. He is very accommodating and responsive to my needs. I find him extremely sensitive in addition to being a terrific body worker.

Kelly McCutcheon, MSW
Barry is simply put, amazing. I am a physician and know quite well the typical medical approach to evaluating injuries. Barry has among the best diagnostic approaches to his physical exam and has the highest level of knowledge about anatomy and an incredible understanding of injury mechanisms and how to fix various problems. I initially saw him a few years ago for a shoulder injury that nearly prevented me from working - with one single session he fixed that problem. I have had two other injuries since then - he has always seen me on the same day I have called and always fixed my problems. I have sent over a dozen friends and colleagues over the years, all have had similar results. I would see him before anyone else for most musculoskeletal problems.

Eric Fleegler, Pediatric ER Physician, Boston, MA
Barry is truly a miracle worker! Can't wait to get back in for a tune-up!

Tara Armstrong, Physicians Assistant
Over the last few years I have had a chronic shoulder/neck problem. My fiance had suggested I go to see Barry. Being Japanese I wasn't really comfortable going to a stranger ,let alone a man. Not only did he make me feel comfortable enough to help with my shoulder, he actually worked wonders on me being able to be in my body again without pain. I was so surprised I have seen him a few times over the last few years . Not only has he been a great massage therapist but also he has become a great friend. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to feel better in their body ,has pain or an injury,or just needs a great massage. I have suggested him to a few friends,who also benefited from his work.His work is not only appreciated but extremely effective.

Doumo Arigatou
Just getting around to yelping my experience.. I must say I'm not at all surprised to see all the 5 star reviews. They are well deserved and I'll be adding my name to the list with this review.

It's a bit hard to adequately describe what Barry does in a short yelp review. Quite simply he is amazing and one of the finest people in his profession I have encountered. He is constantly expanding his knowledge and I think there are few folks with broader expertise when it comes to correcting problems with muscular therapy. This is so much more then a a simple massage.

I first saw Barry after an injury that left me with some loss of feeling in my arm and significantly reduced mobility in my shoulder/arm. After going twice a week for 12 weeks (24 sessions!) to physical therapy through Mt Auburn Hospital and having it go nowhere I went to see Barry on the advice of a friend. It was the best decision I ever made. While the folks at MAH were focused simply on addressing the symptoms, Barry worked to determine the root cause and after a few sessions I was nearly back to pre-injury condition armed with exercises and techniques I could do on my own. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference Barry personally made toward my recovery.

I now see Barry on an occasional basis as a preventative measure when I start to feel off or out of alignment. Highly recommended!

Ville Odell
Barry at Muscular Solutions works minor miracles... Getting an hour of Barry's time is necessary if you have an injury- but I'd also recommend it as a great gift for someone you care about.

I always leave feeling about a million percent better than when we start, and with a better understanding of how I move, and what about my motions puts me out of alignment.

Barry has a fantastic presence- he's very calming but efficient at the same time.

Josh Dolby
Alright, simply put, Barry rocks. Using a combination of techniques he has worked wonders on my poor, abused body and keeps it in much better condition than I do on my own...
Using some massage techniques and physical therapy know-how, he can get you back into fighting, dancing, running, kicking, what-ever-you-need form.

I went to see Barry on the word of a friend that had been injured. He's got a wonderful and well-deserved reputation. Good guy, great body worker. My body works far better than it had, and I continue to go see him for whatever problems come up.

Ginger Plummer
This may be the easiest recommendation I've ever written. Barry's work is impeccable. I came to him with a severe hip problem that had recurred off and on for years. He both fixed it, and gave me a long term set of exercises to prevent it. All along the way he was great at setting expectations honestly and responding to any issues and concerns. He understood my reality as a performing artist and was able to structure his therapy to my specific needs.

Elizabeth Kelly
I am a dancer, and therefore abuse my body in all kinds of creative ways. I was first recommended Barry Meklir at Muscular Solutions by a dancer friend because of a pain in my ankle that I couldn't figure out. I was so impressed by that experience, I have been recommending him left and right. I have a pretty solid understanding of anatomy given my dance training and yoga teacher training and his skills never cease to amaze me. I especially appreciate and respect that his knowledge covers a wide range from massage to energy work to physical therapy and more. He has not only saved my a**, but my ankle, my back, and I'm sure more to come.

Catherine Murcek

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