April 17, 2010
I met Barry through a friend who was being treated by him. He came with great reviews and I had to see if he could help me. I was a life long student of dance and became an Aerobics instructor in my early 20's. By the time I was approaching 30 I had severe pain in my left hip, knee and both of my ankles. Eventually I stopped teaching and exercising all together. I began to see Barry 4 years ago and am back in the Gym classroom as a participant, and back in the studio as a Yoga instructor. I really never thought this would be possible. Two years ago I got back into hiking in the mountains, including the 4,000 footers. I have my life back! I return to Barry periodically for maintenance, I am a Hairdresser by trade, and without Barry I would be facing surgery for Carpel Tunnel. I should also mention, I drive an hour from Londonderry NH to see him, it's that important and so very worth the trip!

Jean Marie Nocella
Barry helped my chronic neck pain and stiffness, ankle/foot injury and SI joint discomfort tremendously. In fact I have no more chronic neck or SI discomfort and my foot is 90% better. After my 1st visit I felt remarkably better. Barry is a uniquely skilled muscular therapist and healer. While traditional physical therapy and massage therapy has its place, Barry brings a wealth of knowledge about kinesiology, movement patterns, even the way the brain perceives blocks in muscular pathways (which I am probably not explaining correctly) but suffice it to say Barry is able to blend this knowledge to produce fantastic results. I want every one I know who has any physical discomfort to see him. I will keep seeing him for “maintenance” and prevention. He's a really nice guy too and genuine in his care for people.

Julia Courtney
I first went to visit Barry 12 years ago. I had chronic back and hip pain due to a Rugby injury in college. For a number of years I grew more and more imbalanced as I traversed the map to various doctors and specialists, to no avail and worsening pain. It had gotten to the point where I had already been sent BACK to the same PT office I had started at a couple years prior when I found Barry. The cycle was complete! I had been told by my Primary Care Physician that my life was going to be a rough road and I wouldn't be able to be much of a walker or runner. I had begun to lose hope, and walking was a painful and arduous task. It had finally been determined that all of the imbalances were causing a calcification in my L5 vertebra in my spine; which is more commonly known as a predecessor to a fracture. Time was ticking as my lower vertabra was to be added to list of injuries and further pain to attempt managing.. Within six months of my work with Barry, I was much more in balance, and becoming active again. My back and hips were no longer in pain. I could walk and even run again. He not only restored my body back to balance, but he restored the hope I was rapidly losing. I urge anyone reading this with chronic pain, to talk with Barry. Today I see him for "tune-ups" here and there and lead a very active life. Barry's work has sent me on a far superior path than I ever expected.

Julia Finnegan
Over the nine years that I have known him, I have gone to Barry to have him fix my leg, my left shoulder, and my right knee. In all instances neither my doctor nor a chiropractor could help me. But in only a few short sessions Barry had me feeling better and on my way to recovery. He provided me with exercises I could do on my own saving me hundreds of dollars in physical therapy costs. And he was quick to respond to any questions I had in-between or even after my sessions. I live on the boarder of Rhode Island but my visit to Muscular Solutions is worth the drive into Boston every time. Highly recommended!

David North-Martino
I've been seeing Barry for a long-standing shoulder/rhomboid injury for almost 4 years. He was a life saver in the first couple of sessions. I arrived for my first appointment suffering chronic shoulder and neck pain. By the end of the first session, I could move my neck with out pain which I hadn't be able to do for several months. Once the crisis was over, Barry has worked on other areas--from odd twinges, to jaw-related issues, to realigning my hips after I ran a half-marathon. My neck/shoulder are still a problem but Barry's treatment and skills as a physical therapist keep me mobile, pain free and doing the sports I love, including boxing, running, biking and playing with my kid. I would, and have, recommended Barry to anyone who is having short-term or long-term physical problems. Barry also makes time if you have an emergency. For example, relieving pain after a torturous plane ride. Barry is a dedicated and gifted healer.

Janet Gard
The best thing Barry ever did was help me walk again when I in extreme pain with a bulging disc and could not move off of my living room floor. When I threw my back out this time, it was a Sunday evening and if it were not for Barry, I would have had to go to the Emergency Room. Barry talked me through 3 hours of physical therapy and stretching until I could get up and go to bed. I then saw him the next day at his office for massage therapy and additional physical therapy. His technique is superior to any physical therapy I've encountered. He also has a nutritional background that has helped me with rheumatoid arthritis and he helps a friend of mine with severe liver damage. My friend with liver damage cannot go without his treatment without feeling ill. Barry is very special and I highly recommend him for any ache or pain you have .

Kristen Capizzo
I first went to Barry 10 years ago after responding to his advertisement in the Yellow pages and have been going to him ever since. Whenever I have any muscle pain or tightness, Barry fixes me up on the 1st visit almost every time. I work out a lot and have very tight muscles, but because I can see Barry whenever I have issues I rarely have any extended downtime due to injuries. During my sessions with Barry I have gotten to know him and his approach. Barry is very knowledgeable and passionate about healing. He is constantly learning more about healing by attending seminars and discussing healing with his peers. His approach uses a variety of different methods. The sessions are not like a massage, instead it is an analytical exercise of Barry looking at the body holistically and finding the root cause of your issues and then addressing those issues. I highly recommend Barry to anyone with muscular pain. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on a resource like him.

Jonathan Mozenter
If you have pain related to TMJ disorder, you've got to see Barry. I called him in a lot of pain and he fit me in for later that day. He understood why my body is so screwed up as a result of my TMJ. It was so great to finally meet a practitioner who truly gets it, and can fix it!! Over the past few years I've been to countless massage therapists in the area for my pain, but Barry stands head and shoulders above everyone else. He sent me home with unique exercises and handouts to address my problem. On a final note, he seems like someone you can really trust. I've spent a LOT of money on this chronic pain, and it's really disheartening to trust a practitioner who promises you the world and in the end has just taken a lot of your money. Barry stresses that if you are seeing him (or anyone else) frequently for treatment, something is wrong.

Janelle Tribble
Barry is fantastic: a master bodyworker, an intuitive healer, and an enthusiastic, educated listener. When I came to his office six years ago with a karate injury, Barry diagnosed not only the physiology of the injury itself, but errors in the martial arts technique I had been practicing. Using bodywork methods from several different healing disciplines, he began treatment. Then he taught me how to improve my karate form and prevent future injury. My friends and I call him "Barry-wan", for his miracle-working as much as his enthusiastic and multi-disciplined approach. I would recommend him to anyone.

Myra Hope Bobbit
Since beginning to work with Barry, I have experienced major and permanent relief from stubborn, decades-old back and ankle pain. I have also come to a much more thorough and holistic understanding of my body and how I can maintain my improved health. Barry is not only a superb bodyworker, combining massage therapy with many other forms of whole-body care and physical therapy, but he is also a clear and effective teacher who wants you to be able to understand your body and keep yourself healthy. He is my first resource whenever I am in pain and need help, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Molly Overholt

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