April 17, 2010
After experiencing debilitating back pain w/out any relief from doctors, physical therapists, and a chiropractor for 4 months, I finally visited Barry. It was one of the best decisions I've made in a long while! Barry seemed to know exactly what was wrong with me and after two hour long sessions, I felt a million times better. My back is back to normal! Barry is an awesome physical therapist, massage therapist, and overall healer. I wholeheartedly recommend his services!

I have seen many massage and physical therapists over the years to treat chronic lower back pain. By the time I found Barry Meklir, I was pretty skeptical and defeated as no one had been able to get to get my body back to where it should be. He is a miracle worker. Not only has he treated the pain symptoms, he also has helped me devise a plan to stay ahead of the pain. I highly recommend him for physical therapy and massage therapy!

Sharon Henderson
Barry is amazing. I had tendonitis in my wrist for 12 years, and he was able to fix it in about six months- something that 12 years of orthopedic doctors and conventional physical therapy could not do (and at the same time fixed my posture, which I didn't even realize was bad). He's been my go-to guy for body work since 2005. Yes, he is expensive, but worth every penny. Back pain, knee pain, muscle pain, joint pain- he knows what he's doing."

Reidan Fredstrom
Every so often I get into a crisis state with my back and/or neck. When I do...I try to get in to see Barry ASAP. He is truly a miracle worker. He has saved me many, many times. When I thought I would be out of action for a week... he gets me straightened out...literally. His combination of massage, manipulations and muscular work is fantastic. To be honest, I don't know how to characterize what he does exactly, but what I do know...is that it works every time. I highly recommend him.

Richard Tilkin
Barry Meklir is the sole proprietor of Muscular Solutions. My family and I have been going to him for years--we call him the witch doctor. He uses a unique mix of soft and hard tissue practices that are guaranteed to cure what ails you. There is no one better at solving hard & soft tissue problems. Sore neck? Go to Barry. Nagging hip issues? Go to Barry. Constant lower back pain? Go to Barry.

His techniques are unlike anything you've seen before. As a result, he'll fix you like no one else you've ever been to. Awesome!

Derek Skaletsky
I have had the pleasure of working with Barry both as a professional and a patient. I first met Barry at a talk about the human body relating to movement and muscular dysfunction, and soon after to address a shoulder injury that caused me a severe amount of pain. What struck me the most about Barry was not only his incredible depth of knowledge of the human body and its components, but how the all intricately work together. He just does not treat pain, but has a delicate eye pin-pointing the cause of pain that makes his services invaluable. As a personal trainer, I know how having dysfunction of the body can negatively impact the body, and Barry is a master of correcting just that. I never hesitate to send a client of my own to see Barry.

From my personal experiences with Barry, I can attest that one visit with him can result a great reduction of pain, discomfort, and more importantly, FUNCTION. I have never worked with any other therapist that could help my shoulder move better with less pain than Barry. As a professional in the realm of health and fitness, I highly recommend Barry's services to anyone that has been dealing with chronic pain or muscular issues.

David Forrette, B.S. Exercise Physiology and Sports Studies, NSCA-CPT, RKC
I can not speak highly enough about my experience with Muscular Solutions and Barry Meklir. I suffered from chronic neck spasm for many years and came to expect that it would take about 2 weeks to feel better and that the spasms would reoccur every two to three months. Since I met Barry 3 years ago, everything has changed. I have learned so much from him in terms of alignment, stretching, posture, ergonomics at the computer that I rarely have neck spasms any longer. When I do, he is able to help me almost immediately and to provide sustaining relief from the pain. His massage and physical therapy techniques, his capacity to really listen and his ability to intuitively know what the individual needs for health and healing is truly a gift.

Samara Tilkin
Barry, I swear, is a miracle worker. He worked on my dad once upon a time, and since then, I've started to go, and now I have included one of my best friends in this experience. Whenever I go, I always feel completely out of shape. And somehow, when I leave, there is not an ounce of ache in my body.
Barry has an amazing personality, and such cool objects around his room, that it is always a pleasure to go, not just for the work (which is amazing), but also to see all of the sculptures etc. around

Nathan Macomber
Barry Meklir is a gifted healer. I went to one of the leading sports medicine doctors in the Boston area who basically told me I would never ride again (i'm a cyclist). After several visits to Muscular Solutions, I was on my way. I did some of the best riding of my life after being treated by Barry. He truly understands how the body in motion works as a whole and he is wholeheartedly committed to getting every patient out of his office and active again. As I am a multi-sport athlete, I have returned to Barry with countless injuries and I have been delightedly amazed by his endless repertoire of techniques. He is a genius and a kind soul. Not only is he phenomenally talented, but he genuinely cares about his patients.

Annice Kra
I have been seeing Barry for a variety of muscular skeletal issues for years now.

Originally, it was for chronic RSI in both hands, which over the course of several weeks he resolved where the doctors were talking surgery.. Years later, and I am still symptom free. Since then it has been for the occasional fix to injuries and strains accumulated thru life.

His demeanor, approach and presence are calming and completely assuring and confident. His work is superb and he delivers results with out dragging the process out. He really does want to make you better and not see you again. And he is very, very good at doing exactly that.

Clark Wright

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