April 17, 2010
Barry has a lot of nicknames - I call him the Magic Muscle Man. Anyway, I suffer from chronic headaches, related to tension in my jaw and neck due to TMJ. Whenever it gets particularly bad, Barry is the man I see to get my body back in line. I've also seen him after acute injuries (a car accident, and an injury while moving sets), which circumvented the on-going pain some people experience.

Lisa Goldthwaite
Barry Meklir is wonderful. I went to see Barry 3 years ago for chronic headaches. I had decided that the headaches were something that I would have to live with. After my first visit with Barry I could feel the difference in the headache pain that I had had for years. His massage therapy techniques in relieving the pain were amazing. Not only did my headaches disappear after visiting Barry, but he was able to address other issues of pain with his incredible knowledge of the human body and techniques he has used for years to help so many other people. I recommend Barry to anybody who tells me that they have chronic pain, etc. He is a lifesaver.

Susan Mayo
My chosen work & play activities combined with some old injuries results in chronic pain conditions in my shoulders, arms & hands. Barry has provided both short & long term relief as well as expert advice & support for my own self-maintenance. He combines a vast knowledge of a number of modalities, with a calm thoughtful approach and reasoned advice. I've recommended Barry to several friends and acquaintances. All have had the same excellent experience and results.

The fact that he also understands what good music is all about is a bonus!

Gregory Bramhall
I had hyper-extended my back while body surfing maybe 4 or 5 years earlier. I must have pinched some thing and always had a sore spot there for many years. One time when we were camping, Barry noticed me stretching out to alleviate the pain. He said come here. He touched my back and pin-pointed the problem in less than 30 seconds.

He then proceeded to turn around me and stretch me a little. Then he had me get on the ground as he quickly adjusted me. In less than 120 seconds we went from diagnosis to cure. I have never felt a single bit of pain, discomfort or irritation in that part of my back again. I was simply amazed. And a little disturbed at allowing myself to suffer so long when all it took was a simple adjustment to get me back in shape.

John Marcello Aposotolos
If you are in pain...Barry is your guy!! He's like the conveyor belt in the movie The Wizard of Oz...where he puts you back together again and makes you feel brand new! I wish I was in Boston...I haven't found anyone on the west coast that equals his level of healing work and knowledge.

Hollis MacArthur
I had come off a plane, all bent out of shape, met up with Barry. He took one look at me, pulled over on some public piece of nasty grass and gave me an adjustment. Barry was able to alleviate my pain instantly! Barry and Muscular Solutions Rock!!

Tania Weins
Barry seriously helped me rehab my shoulder/neck injuries! A+++ review!!

Rich Borgatti Jr.
I am constantly asking for help with specific problems and Barry is able to locate and work these out and then I bring him new ones.

Andy Taylor-Blenis
My personal trainer recommended Muscular Solutions to help me overcome a nagging shoulder (rotator cuff) injury that would not go away and to help relieve my back pain which is associated with arthritis. Seeing Barry has made a huge difference. My shoulder is better and I have been able to move forward with my workout regimen and my back feels so much better after treatment. His PT skills, along with his massage background, give Barry the insight to develop unique solutions to the aches and pains we accumulate through life. I highly recommend him.

James Cullion
The best money I ever spent!!! After having Chronic neck pain for about 3 years I finally found someone who can really help me.

After going to Chiropractors and massage therapists for a long time, I met Barry by chance and I decided to give him a try, seen as I had tried everything to get rid of the pain. Honestly, I felt like a new person walking out of his office, I couldnt believe that after just 1 session I could feel a million times better than before.

I recently was involved in a car accident where my car was totaled, I had whiplash afterwards and had to undergo physical therapy for 10 weeks. After the 10 weeks, I was a little better but still in pain. I went to Barry last week and I am back to normal again, back at the gym and not worring about my neck for once!! Its like a miracle

I am truley thankful that I met Barry, he is amazing. I don't know how to explain what he does, but he can determine the root of your pain and work from there. I have told all my friends and would recommend him to anyone who has neck pain, or even old sports injurys that have been a problem for me also.

Thanks so much Barry...your the best!!

Emer D.

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