April 17, 2010
Barry is a mensch. Muscular Solutions is a class operation: professional, generous, responsive.

When I needed help with a rib subluxation but couldn't get to his office because I was traveling, I emailed Barry. Next thing I knew, he called me back with excellent suggestions on adjusting myself.

And it worked! After a couple of days trying a combination of his suggestions, the rib was back where it belonged.

Those 5 stars? They should go to Barry as karma credits.

Dana C. - Andover, MA
I don't want to use the word "magic" because it's not.

It's a combination of tons of training, knowledge, and innate precision and sensitivity.

But it sure does feel like magic.

I had knee surgery after injuring myself doing Capoeira, and I'd visited PTs who looked at my knee as a combination of 3-5 parts.  Barry looked at me and dissected the nuances immediately before laying a hand on me, and I was walking, dancing, playing without pain immediately.

And the most telling part is that he says frankly that he isn't trying to get you to come back.  He's trying to heal you.  Since meeting him, I've only had to go back 2 times over the past few years.

He's a master.

Jonah Goldstein
I am a professional dancer. My body is my instrument. Injuries come with the territory, I hurt myself all the time.

He has fixed my 5 year old non-healing ankle injury in matter of one session. Also fixed my lower back.... And list goes on.


Nikki B.
Before I started massage & physical therapy treatment with Barry I woke up every day with pain and swelling in my feet from a near fatal car accident 20 years ago that fractured both of them in multiple places. The pain and swelling in my feet had been debilitating ever since then but it was something I just learned to live with. A friend recommended Barry to me and after just a few appointments they feel brand new. It's amazing! I'm finally able to walk long distances without suffering for days afterward and I can even head to the mountains for a hike.

Along with the various treatments he uses during your visit he sends you home with specific exercises and self-care ideas that actually work. I don't always understand what he's doing during a session, but I walk out of that room like a new woman. Thanks Barry, I can't recommend you highly enough.

Lisa K.
To say that Barry of Muscular Solutions saved my life might sound a little extreme but it is close to the truth. For many months I was suffering with severe pain from TMJ. I could not sleep at night. I was taking 800mg of ibuprofen with little effect. After 3 months with little or no sleep words can not describe how badly I was feeling.

I spent thousands of dollars on the usual medical tests, cat scan, blood work, dental work, Primary care doctor, Eye, ear, nose and throat specialist. No help what so ever!

Finally I found Barry, the owner of Muscular Solutions on line. After reading the positive reviews of others I called him at once. After only two 1 hour sessions with Barry my pain was gone! I mean GONE! I was sleeping at night again. My energy has returned and I feel like my old self.

FYI, Barry is a muscular therapist. He used both massage and muscular therapy to alleviate my pain and resolve several other problems that I was having. He also taught me a number of exercises that I could do myself in the event any of my problems should return.

It has now been 2 months since my firs visit to Barry and I am still totally pain Free!

Thank You Barry!!!!!

Larry H. - Woburn, MA
I had a really bad muscle pain in my lower back and I could barely stand up. My co-worker Emer referred me to Barry Meklir. OMG, He was able to remove the pain in my back! He's amazing; a true healer, I highly recommend. My lower back is much better. I don't wake up in the night from sleeping on either side and it doesn't "catch" anymore. My lower body feels more stable. My pain was completely gone the next day. He's knowledgeable & professional, a true body alignment specialist.

Rod A. - Waltham, MA
Barry has helped me and he will do the same for you period! I have been to some really good people in the past but Muscular Solutions blows them all away. I don't always understand how the techniques work but you cannot argue with the results.

I had an extremely painful injury that occurred while power lifting. I hurt my lower back, hip and knee area while performing heavy bent over rows. The intensity of the pain and muscle spasms progressed in mere minutes to a point in which I could not stand upright, turn my head, or place my right heal to the floor. Anyone who has ever been truly injured can understand the fear and panic that followed.

In short, I found my way to Barry's office and he immediately helped me.

I thought my story was pretty unique until I read these other reviews. If you train in martial arts or weight lift you need a place like Muscular Solutions to help repair all the damage done to your body on a regular basis.

Dennis D - Quincy, MA
After seeing countless doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and the like after two automobile accidents in the span of three years, I was introduced to Barry. At this point, I considered myself to be "on the mend"- sort of, until I had my first visit with Barry. Unlike other massage therapists, chiropractors, or physical therapists, who would simply attempt to address the symptoms, Barry ran off a list of problems that needed to be fixed. He identified unresolved issues that had gone un-noticed by everyone else- and knew how to fix them. His techniques are superb.

Aside from the massage therapy, realigning, readjusting, and constant pre/post assessments, Barry taught me various exercises and adjustments that I should continue at home to keep the body in alignment; these at home techniques were far more involved than any of the other exercises that physical therapists hand you on your way out the door. And this was clearly far more than your average massage therapy. It was about healing and staying healed- putting the body back into equilibrium so that it could stay there and do everything that I need it to do.

I recommed Barry without reservations.

~Chris T.
Brookline, MA

Chris T.
Before Barry I was very suspicious of people who said they could help my pain, Barry changed that.  My body was becoming a pretzel of pain from an auto accident and stress.  My legs were weak and my shoulder pain was terrible.  Barry helped with all of this and gave me exercises at home to help keep my muscles strong and feeling good.  He is intelligent and friendly and will make you laugh as he is popping you back into shape.  I suggest him to anyone who has any muscle pains.  My wife, sister and friends all go to see him.

Trust me he is amazing.

Alex M. - Newton, MA
The combination of modalities that Barry utilizes during treatment sessions can seem quite like magic.  His combination of study and experience makes him unique and hard to match, so I take the opportunity whenever I'm in the Boston area to book an appointment.  He's helped me with overall fatigue and feeling run down after illness, and more recently addressed acute back pain.  Though the techniques during treatment can feel intense, it's so well worth it, feeling huge improvements when I walk out of there that last a long time.
Years ago I was seeing a chiropractor in NYC for back pain. I'd feel better after my appointment, but within a day or two later the pain would return. No so with Barry and Muscular Solutions.  My last appointment was a week ago, and I still feel the benefits of my visit.  He also goes above and beyond, giving me exercises I can do at home to maintain the structural balance he restores, and he'll even follow up to see how I'm feeling.
I feel lucky to have been introduced to Barry and his gifted healing services.

Ricki Jean T. - Brooklyn, NY

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