April 17, 2010
I started seeing Barry after a particularly difficult year during which my body started manifesting a great deal of imbalance, which presented as tension pain and trigger points. Within my first session, Barry had figured out my body, mysteriously finding sites of old injuries and alleviating current pain. He was completely honest with me about my prognosis, and we came up with both a schedule and a payment plan that worked for me. Unlike others whose problems are solved in one session, I saw Barry for about 6 months regularly. He has amazing intuition about what will heal people, and when he suggested to me that I should start dancing again (I had stopped as a teenager), a lightbulb really went off. I am currently pain free, much more active, taking two dance classes a week, and feel healthier and stronger than I have ever been. I go now just for maintenance and adjustments, and it's always worthwhile. I carry around Barry's business cards and recommend him to everyone I know!

Sophie I. - Cambridge, MA
This has to be one of the easiest reviews to write.  Barry is a wonderful clinician- compassionate, highly skilled, patient, takes the time to explain what he's doing, and honest.  I felt improvement after the first visit, and have continued to progress steadily.  His goal is to get you moving, doing exercises at home, and to not have you living in his office. He seems to be constantly expanding his knowledge base and using new techniques in order to provide the most comprehensive care.  I can't say enough good things about the treatment I've received.  The man is a mensch.

Rebecca G. - Boston, MA
Barry is the only person that could fix me without any pain. I don't know how but he has magic in his hands.  I have been having frozen shoulders for many years.  I have done physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathic, massage therapy, and more, but nothing quite helped me like what Barry does. He is a amazing! So before you see anyone, go see him and it is worth the price!

Hannah Benshabbat - West Newton
Barry does fantastic work! If you have chronic pain or decreased movement, have done PT forever with minimal results or tired of using pain killers, try Barry. He's worth every penny!

Kit Yuen R.N. - Boston, MA
I'm glad I can schedule an appointment usually within the week some injury is bothering me and I feel isn't returning to 100%.  I'm averaging about 2-3 appointments a year now.

I had a major knee injury 16 years ago.  About 3 years ago I started having these pulling/pinching/stabbing pains at that same knee.  Booked an appointment for the first time with Mr. Meklir and had an awesome healing session.  Not only did he bring that knee back to close to 100% (not totally complete, because of an injury like that and years of building up to the painful point 3 years ago), but revived the strengths of other muscles that I didn't realize were out of balance due to my body adjusting to my old injury.  I felt like 10 years younger after that very first appointment.

Whenever there's a muscle out of whack or body just not up to par, I definitely make sure I see him to get my overall body tune up!

Princess DeJesus - Boston, MA
Testimonials are powerful and real. I had an injury 3 years ago (shoulder) which had escalated to chronic muscle problems all over my upper extremity. Like a normal person, I sought healing for my injuries. Long story short, I went to over 30 health professionals. Around 8 doctors (2 cortisone shots, bone and tendon, dry needling, MRI, Ink MRI), 5 chiropractors, 2 acupuncturists (electric too), 7 massage therapists, 6 physical therapists, professors, anyone... etc. Receiving no diagnosis from anyone, feeling no relief, symptoms increasing, I started looking to other states for help, anywhere but where I lived (Portland, Oregon). I searched online for testimonials or any positive consistent feed back of a physical therapist. This is where I found Barry Meklir.

Despite being 3,000 miles away I contacted Barry to see what he could do for me. First thing I noticed was that he was very compassionate in what he does, and cares about patients even if he’s far away. He allowed me to list my long story in detail to him over the Internet and gave me a description of what I might have. He told me, along with other things, I most likely have a sprained AC joint. He did this before seeing me. It left me a little in awe that he guessed it so quickly and the description fit a lot of my referred pain. So, instead of waiting and continuing to electronically dialog with this mystery man, I bought a plane ticket and flew to Boston. To give some context, I'm 22 and in college with not a lot of money. But if these testimonials are true, then it would be worth the risk to see this man. Also to note, I've seen 2 Olympic trainers than specialize in shoulders. One went to Beijing and was in charge of teaching all the trainers the referral patterns of shoulder pain, and the root of them. The other man is a PT at Colorado Springs during training. Of all the people I have seen I would have to say no one understand the body better than Barry.

Barry, just like testimonies show, can pinpoint your condition, wherever and whatever it is. No other doctor, therapist, or person I spoke with ever gave me a diagnosis for what I have. It’s a little more complicated than an AC sprain, but Barry pinpointed it.  As it turns out, the AC sprain he thought was most likely the cause of my problems  turned out to be the correct diagnosis. Barry started to work with me and worked his magic. I honestly didn't believe his testimonials when they said magic, but indeed his hands are magical.  It’s been just 4 sessions and I'm 85% better and heading to a full recovery. Barry wants you fixed ASAP and will do whatever it takes to find healing for you. He has many unique techniques that I have never seen before and gives you great PT exercises to do at home that are quick and effective. But besides his supernatural wisdom of the body, Barry is a great humble man. He is fun to talk with and makes the environment a comfortable one. If only I knew of Barry sooner, I would have been on a plane earlier. I am thankful I was able to receive relief, help, and guidance from Barry. If I didn't see him, I would have lived with my chronic pain. If you have pain, go to Barry. His testimonials are powerful and true.

John Krill - Portland, OR
Last week I tweaked the muscle under my scapula - the same one that creeps up every once in a while and has so for the past twenty years. Earlier this week I had a muscle spasm in my neck. Yesterday, I visited my good friend Barry Meklir at his practice in Brookline, MA called Muscular Solutions. Barry takes a whole body approach to his healing and he is amazing. Today, I feel fantastic and 95% of the pain is gone. I expect to feel even better tomorrow. If you have any sort of muscular ailments plaguing you, I can't recommend Barry enough. He is an incredible healer and truly knows what he's doing. Make an appointment and you will not be disappointed!"

~Jon Merz
Medfield, MA

Jon Merz
I had all but given up hope that a healthy me was possible.  Suffering from daily headaches and migraines for the past 12 years, I had tried tons of strong migraine medications that failed and was just coming off of the newest suggestion: 6 months in a neck brace.  Barry diagnosed me quickly (shoulder tension?! No wonder no remedy was working!) and within a few weeks, these migraines were gone- after over a decade of pain.  Three years later, these migraines are a memory and I'm armed with tools to prevent it from happening again.   I can't even begin to describe how seeing Barry has helped my body and my quality of life.

Ivy Hest - Boston, MA
Barry is a god amongst massage/physical therapists. I've been to many in my day, and I've never, never met someone who possesses such an innate, intuitive understanding of the human body.  Not to mention some of his tricks are almost voodoo-esque in their magic - like one minute your knee can't withstand pressure, then he taps the side of your foot, and suddenly your knee can resist all of his force.

I went to see him on the recommendation of a friend who said he fixed her chronic hip issues, then I recommended him to my roommate and my father, and my roommate recommended him to her mother.  All are deeply happy customers.  He will give you stretches and exercises to do to help prevent your issue from reoccurring, and he will find places you didn't even know hurt, but turn out to be related to the issues you're having.

I've gone in both for run-of-the-mill back/neck stiffness, and for an emergency session after I got rear-ended and had awful muscle pain/soreness from the whiplash.  Barry worked on everything, demonstrating how that one moment affected everything from my sacrum to my throat muscles.

To call Barry a masseuse is a misnomer - he's Barry. That's all I can really say.  This is not going to be a relaxing experience, and in fact at times, I've been on my side or back wincing and yelping in (good) pain.  But it's so worth it. Every time i've been to see Barry, I feel structurally...better. More pain-free. Able to go months before needing another tune-up.  Which is good, because Barry isn't cheap, but he is willing to work with you on payment plans/options if he feels you need multiple sessions.

M.B. - Boston, MA
"I have gone from a pain level of 10 to a 0 in less then a week thanks to the exercises you have taught me and the advice you have given me. Thank you 1000 times for getting me back to a place where I can play with my 2yr old without reservation."

Jill Silvia- Scituate, MA

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