April 17, 2010

Barry! Barry is swell.
I sent Barry a lengthy email before meeting him about the many awful pains as was having all over my body as compensations from an accident where I fractured my tibia. It had been 2 years since my accident and I was still struggling walking let alone being physically active. And I NEED to be physically active, I just need that outlet otherwise I just have nervous energy that embodies itself as more tension in my body leading to even more discomfort.
Naturally, Barry was eager to see me in person to see how he could help.
And the no insurance thing is a bummer for recent grads like me, but if you need to work out a pay a little here pay a little there plan, Barry is understanding. His primary concern is your healing and recovery. This analogy is quite an understatement but it's the best I can think of right now. Barry costs more, but he does more. He's worth it. I have loans to pay, bills to pay, rent to pay, I work five days a week. I'm not rich.  But there are few things I'm will to compromise on, my health is one of them. Every second spent not contacting Barry is a day or week more you'll spend in the recovery process. If you like to be active or be healthy, or simply not be in pain GO SEE BARRY.
Barry is definitely very textbook smart and knows human anatomy well, though he possesses a certain connection with the body and muscles that seems to go beyond most practitioners. He's analytical and evaluates all the miniscule seeming but very important details of the body, then goes to town on them. His approach is less than traditional, but one of the most effective I've had. And I've had a sickening amount of sessions with my share of ineffective practitioners.
I get excited to see Barry, he's an interesting guy to talk to, and he'll probably enjoy your company too, but don't take it personally if he doesn't want to see you every day...He's just doing his job and doesn't want to see you more than he has to 🙂
Barry is passionate about healing others. You can tell this as you watch his eyes narrow and almost see the wheels turning in his brain as he considers which parts of your body might be triggering pain in another area of your body or which repeated movements and extensions might be the answer to a particular muscles strain or exhaustion.
Long story short. SEE BARRY. He's great, he's smart, he's very good at what he does. I was excited to call him after reading all the reviews on his webpage, and I am so happy I contacted him. You will be too. Happy healing!

Kate W- Brighton, MA
There have been many, many times that I wished I could just hop on a plane for a Barry tune-up. You helped my body and taught me a lot about what it means to be a body worker.

Ginger P- New Mexico
Barry is by nature, supernatural. I have seen a large variety of specialists for chronic muscle/pain issues over the years. I am a complicated specimen, having injured myself spectacularly in my extreme sports youth. It was by some chance I was introduced to Barry years ago. In fact it was right when I needed him most. I was about to go on tour and was in a desperate state of needing relief. My back, shoulder, arm and wrist were all locked up from an injury on the previous tour. Having had some minor work from Barry in the past, and knowing his skill set was superior to anyone on my list, I called panicked. In one visit he was able to locate the source of my problems and nearly cure me. This was not a "one visit problem". He gave me clear and perfect instruction on how to stretch and maintain throughout the tour. Doing what he said, I had no problems for 30 days while using my body rigorously. I have gone to him regularly for years for maintenance and give him the highest recommendation. You won't find another Barry. Muscular Solutions has muscular solutions, trust me.

Joe Plante- Newburyport, MA
June 23, 2014

Barry Meklir is a Master. With his thorough understanding of the human body, with remarkable efficiency, Barry is able to not only analyze and pin-point the sources and causes of pain, but to  correct them as well.

For me, the head/neck trauma of a car collision, was followed by a decade of traditional chiropractic visits, which alleviated, but didn't cure or prevent the underlying weaknesses. And in the past year developed into a significant, persistent pain in my neck and weakness and numbing down through my left arm and hand - all severe enough to interfere with my work as an attorney and intruding into every aspect of my life. I was referred to Barry by a client, and by the end of an hour's visit with Barry, I left his office a bit dazed - but sensing that he had brought on some meaningful shift. Over the next week, I was reminded what life was like without pain, and looked forward to returning for my next visit.

After many months and considerable time commitment to a highly-regarded rehabilitation Pain Mngt. & P/T program, the problems continued and I was left with more frustration. Finally, MRI scans which revealed  degenerative disk disease and 2 or 3 cervical disk herniations. Not a pretty picture - but not a surprise - and a relief to finally see actual photographic evidence of the pain I'd been living in. At that moment, my 1st thought was of Barry Meklir. And the true astonishment that, given this reality, Barry was able to bring about such a degree of significant relief.
My next call was to Barry - seeking his opinion on possible next steps.

As many know too well, living with chronic pain is a profound experience. Persistent pain takes it's toll not only on the body and physical activities, but over time, it's presence can change the nature of who we are, it affects one's capacity to enjoy life and eventually dim the human spirit. For one living with such (minor to severe), I would urge contacting Muscular Solutions.  Despite past therapies and treatment providers, I can attest that other possibilities do exist - and that Barry is one most worthy of exploration.

With his knowledge, skills and uniquely attuned intuition as a healer, I give Barry Meklir my very highest recommendation.

Emily McNamara, Esq.- Arlington, MA
June 24, 2014

Barry is truly amazing. I went to see him after having pretty severe back pain from working out a bit too aggressively, and it was well worth the price.

Barry is funny and personable, and did a great job explaining what was throwing my body out of whack and what he was doing to correct it. I've recommended him to friends so figured I'd recommend him here too. From now on, he's my go-to guy for sports/exercise-related issues.

Jesse S.- Brookline, MA
October 21, 2014

Barry GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK!  There are no words to explain the appreciation, gratitude and awe that I have for this man.  I have been in a living hell for 4 long years.  I had back pain that came on gradually and then just never went away. It may or may not have been prompted by a fall down the stairs at my home.
I am a 49 year old single Mom working Full time and I was gradually seeing my life diminish day after day and the pain never stopped.  My son was 6 when the pain started and I feel like I lost out on many happy times with him from Age 6 to 10. Also, my authority and respect at work was getting lost. Over 4 years I tried EVERYTHING! I never stopped looking for a solution since I had to keep working and I had a son to care for.
I was referred to him by my yoga instructor.
He sounded too good to be true - but he’s real and he’s amazing and I now call him my ANGEL.
I literally cried in tears in his office when I went to see him a week later after my first visit.
Tears of joy for a change!  He actually did it …he diagnosed me and FIXED ME!  I had pretty much lost all hope and was close to financial crisis and losing my job.  I was begging for medication anywhere I could since it was the only thing that helped – but Dr.’s did not want to prescribe me the meds I needed anymore- I had been on them too long they said.

Here is a consolidated summary of what I tried and what failed for 4 years – 2010 through 2014
Physical Therapists – 2 facilities
SI Belt
MRI’s – 2
Steroid Injections – 3
Medial Branch Block Injections-3
Radio Frequency Ablation Injections – 2
Orthopedic Dr.’s – 3 *I was highly recommended at Mass General
Neurosurgeons -2
Pain Clinics - 2
Tens Unit
Orthopedic Inserts for my sneakers and work shoes
Chiropractors – 3
Psychiatrist – 1
Yoga – all the time
Massage – all the time
Work space/Desk adjustments
“Back to Work” Machine
New Mattress
New Couches


Meds I took over the years with no success:   Hydrocodone,Celbrex,Cymbalta,
Neurontin (Gabropentin), Numerous Anti-inflammatories,Nabumetone, Naproxen, Diclofen, Inflammatone, Flexeril, Valium,Lidoderm Patches, Biofreeze.4 years of appointments, missing work, money spent, meds taken and much pain and tears and then………….I went to 1 appointment on Monday Oct 6 with BARRY MEKLIR – the genius- HE FIXED ME!!
He diagnosed me in 1 day with a Twisted Pelvis and actually fixed it that day.  I was in shock and so were all my friends and family who tried to help for so many years.He listens, he has compassion and he knows his stuff! He knows how the body works and what causes pain.   He doesn’t have you coming back 3x/week to do the same thing over and over.
I will continue to see him over the next year probably monthly, just to continue the relief and make sure my back gets strengthened properly and back to full health.

I AM CRYING AS I TYPE THIS – I TRULY WENT THROUGH HELL AND IT’S OVER.   I had given up hope of ever finding a cure.

I live in NH, he’s in Brookline, but it’s truly worth the long drive to get to him

Forever grateful……….


Kim Hepworth Derry, NH
December 31, 2014

Barry saved my life!

A friend highly recommended me to see Barry when I slipped a disc 4/2014 but I was skeptical so I didn't go until I tried everything else first. Basically I slipped a disc at the end of April this year when I felt and heard a pop in my back and immediately my legs went numb and I was screaming in pain. MRI confirmed that I had a slipped disc in my lumbar spine and the resulting pain was excruciating. All the doctors did was medicate me for pain and ice which didn't work well because I'm very sensitive to pain meds. I was told to give it some time for swelling to come down. I tried vicodin, tramadol, flexeril and I even took motrin which I was allergic to, I was in that much pain! I tried lidoderm patches from great grandma, salonpas patches from grandma and iced, iced, iced to the point where I ended up with burns on my back! I went back to see the doctor and tell him the medicine was knocking me out and couldn't they do something else? More pills- valium (which nearly killed me, I got so sick) and a referal to PT cuz my back wasn't getting any better. By then, I refused to take anything more than tylenol and ice for pain. I had PT for 2 weeks before I finally gave in. I was desperate as the pain was getting worse, especially after my PT sessions, and I was getting pain in both sides of my back that would run to my hips and down my legs. The scarey part was that I was also starting to have involuntary muscle spasms in both legs. Literally my leg muscles would "jump" and the numbness was getting worse. So I finally saw Barry the first week of June. He got me in very quickly and I'll be honest...I almost cancelled cuz I was scared and skeptical. Not exactly traditional medicine, you know? He was pushing, pulling, and of course teaching. I also had to do these stretches and exercises he prescribed (I only did it for a month...sorry Barry!) but with only that one session, I was cured! Barry is my Savior! I couldn't believe it myself when I got up the next day and realized that I had minimal pain when I lifted my legs. The day after that I had no pain at all and was able to sit through a day of orientation without pain. I kept this good news to myself though because I was afraid I would jinx it if I said I was cured. 5 days later, I started telling everyone that Barry fixed me! My slipped disc was back in place. Back and leg pains, spasms, numbness... completely GONE! It's now been 8 months since my injury and I have not had a problem! I have never had to see Barry again! My only regret is that I wish I had seen him sooner instead of enduring 6 weeks of agony and spending all that money on co-pays and pills when I could've simply paid for a visit with Barry!

~Sharon Mann- Quincy, MA


Barry is a life changer!

I went to him a few years ago for a neck problem and after working on that for a while, he asked how the rest of me was doing. I had what I considered a "bad ankle" that physical therapy hadn't made better and I had resigned myself to living in constant pain, but Barry told me that with work it could get significantly better. He did realignment and a variety of other techniques and taught me exercises that I could do at home. Within a few weeks, my ankle got stronger and I built my arch up so that it was no longer collapsed. I went from walking around in constant pain, only able to wear tennis shoes, to being able to walk around relatively pain free and wear a variety of shoes. My ankle still gets tired after a long day, but if I do the exercises that Barry showed me, it stays strong. I can't thank him enough! I recommend him to everyone. He's the best.

~Jennifer W. Destin, FL
January 17, 2017

Thank you Thank you is how I feel about working with Barry Meklir!! I have had neck pain for 10 plus years--trust me it has been a challenge to live with and suffer through. I have had cervical epidural injections and worked with massage therapist all of which did help. But I have to say that the first day I worked with Barry -I knew I was in the correct place--I came in the room with years of pain and upper body weakness and I left that day feeling like a new person!! Now of course I have a chronic issue that will require quite a bit of therapy but I know that Barry helps keep me in the right direction. Even though I'm a physician, I must tell you that I'm not sure of all of the techniques that he uses and why they work----all I can say is that they work--whenever I leave his office I feel like a human being!! Because he has also taught me techniques and movements to take care of myself--this has also helped me feel mentally and physically better. I started this by saying Thank you Thank you Barry for helping me function better on a daily basis --and to keep my sanity to be able to work as a physician. You are the BEST!!!

~Dr. Veronica Massey, MD Jamaica Plain, MA
February 22, 2017

Barry is a genius. I am a 72-year-old woman who had severe hamstring pain for six years. It probably began as a gym injury. At first, the pain would come and go, but in the last three years, it became chronic and really interfered with my lifestyle, not only preventing me from exercising, a very important part of my life, but from sitting for any period of time – thus no movies, plays or car trips over an hour without excruciating pain. I tried various doctors, including a physiatrist, had three MRI’s, two rounds of physical therapy, and multiple visits to a chiropractor. No one was able to help me, and the situation just got worse.

I found Barry on the Internet and was very impressed with the other testimonials. Within the first month of treatment, I was 90% better. The last 10% took a bit longer because of it’s complexity, but now I am pain free and enjoying all of the activities that I had to give up. My life is back to normal and I feel great.  I follow a program of maintenance exercises that are easy to do and not time consuming.

Barry just keeps working at the problem until he solves it. He never gives up and is not wedded to one explanation. He has lots of things to try. He really listens carefully and pays attention to lifestyle issues and overall body mechanics. I have never met anyone like him. He has made a tremendous difference in my life and I really do think that he is a genius. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Lindsay Fisch Brookline, MA

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