Muscular Solutions techniques


As a professional athlete my health is my career. So, before I step onto the field, I step into Muscular Solutions. When I leave Barry‘s office I feel stronger and  more energized; like I just had a tune-up. The result is that I play better on Sunday and for me that‘s the real proof.

Ted Johnson

New England Patriots

After getting two different diagnoses of bursitis from two different doctors, taking various prescription drugs and sitting around for a whole year with no lessening of my pain, I finally sought out Mr. Meklir’s services. By the end of the second  treatment, I was 100% and able to resume my busy lifestyle without pain. I have  since recommended his services to several of my own clients who were suffering from athletic injuries or chronic pain and they have reported a similar level of satisfaction.

Debbie Neal

Personal Trainer & Health Club Manager

I go to Barry whenever I am really out of alignment or in serious pain. He is a wealth of knowledge and always leaves me feeling better. I also like that his goal is not to have you keep coming back. He wants to fix you and give you the tools to heal yourself.

I have gone to him for my shoulder issues and he has helped with that. Also for my hips.

Most recently I when I had severe pain in my arm. I had been to doctors and they thought it had to do with my neck. Barry assured me that I would be fine, he worked in my rotator cuff and explained why that was the issue. He encouraged me to keep doing the exercises I enjoyed and that I had just overused my rotator cuff and it would get better. He was right!

Definitely see him if you’re in pain or if you’re tried other things that haven’t worked! He will help!

Barbie Papalios

Barry is a miracle worker and I totally credit him with getting me back to health and out of chronic, severe pain after a car accident and the resulting two knee replacements. Being a PT as well as an MT, he has the medical background behind his muscle work but also has a instinctive acuity that is just mind blowing. I went to several PTs who would stand there and count while I did leg exercises — useless! I can do that at home myself. Barry addresses the physical with massage and sends you home with the exercises or equipment you should be using. He actually picked up that my pelvis was sprained which no other doctor or PT picked up. He gave me the equipment and exercises to do to address it. It turned out that this was the source of a lot of my pain. Had I not gone to him, I know I’d still be waking up everyday exhausted and grumpy from being in constant pain. THANK YOU BARRY!

Margo K.

Hamilton, MA

Man, where to begin? First of all thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve regained about 75% mobility in my arm. For two days now I’ve been able to practice for 1.5 hours without pain. I’m walking around like a teenager. You must be some kind of body savant.

Alain Mallet

Pianist/Berkelee Professor

Barry is a no-nonsense healer who has helped me tremendously on my quest for a “biomechanical renaissance” of sorts. He does not pretend to “cure” disorder outright, but rather works with patients on their personal healing journey, using his expertise to highlight and address dysfunction. His ultimate goal is to promote the self-care of his patients—as it should be.

As an athletic individual with a ligamentously lax, hypermobile disposition, I have had my share of injuries and surgeries over the years. I am a prospective osteopathic physician who has previously spent quite some time working for a traditional orthopedic surgeon. I sought help from Barry once I recognized the significance of the deep interplay between the various musculoskeletal conditions I am facing in multiple joints – something that is not properly addressed in a traditional orthopedic setting. Barry, of course, immediately caught on to this notion and addressed it. After all, his integrative and whole-body approach is what sets him apart from the rest.

I have been nothing short of blown away by Barry’s knowledge of musculoskeletal systems and his ability for hands-on treatment. His physical exam is utterly immaculate, honestly mind-boggling, and has set a new bar for me to aspire to reach in my future career. That, coupled with his compassion and ability to listen, makes him very good at what he does: heal. I would undoubtedly recommend Muscular Solutions to anyone who has been dealing with chronic orthopedic issues!

Lucas Zornoza

Osteopathic Medical Student

Barry is a genius. I am a 72-year-old woman who had severe hamstring pain for six years. It probably began as a gym injury. At first, the pain would come and go, but in the last three years, it became chronic and really interfered with my lifestyle, not only preventing me from exercising, a very important part of my life, but from sitting for any period of time — thus no movies, plays or car trips over an hour without excruciating pain. I tried various doctors, including a physiatrist, had three MRI’s, two rounds of physical therapy, and multiple visits to a chiropractor. No one was able to help me, and the situation just got worse.

I found Barry on the Internet and was very impressed with the other testimonials. Within the first month of treatment, I was 90% better. The last 10% took a bit longer because of it’s complexity, but now I am pain free and enjoying all of the activities that I had to give up. My life is back to normal and I feel great.  I follow a program of maintenance exercises that are easy to do and not time consuming.

Barry just keeps working at the problem until he solves it. He never gives up and is not wedded to one explanation. He has lots of things to try. He really listens carefully and pays attention to lifestyle issues and overall body mechanics. I have never met anyone like him. He has made a tremendous difference in my life and I really do think that he is a genius. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Lindsay Fisch

Brookline, MA

Thank you Thank you is how I feel about working with Barry Meklir!! I have had neck pain for 10 plus years – trust me it has been a challenge to live with and suffer through. I have had cervical epidural injections and worked with massage therapist all of which did help. But I have to say that the first day I worked with Barry – I knew I was in the correct place – I came in the room with years of pain and upper body weakness and I left that day feeling like a new person!! Now of course I have a chronic issue that will require quite a bit of therapy but I know that Barry helps keep me in the right direction. Even though I’m a physician, I must tell you that I’m not sure of all of the techniques that he uses and why they work – all I can say is that they work – whenever I leave his office I feel like a human being!! Because he has also taught me techniques and movements to take care of myself– this has also helped me feel mentally and physically better. I started this by saying Thank you Thank you Barry for helping me function better on a daily basis – and to keep my sanity to be able to work as a physician. You are the BEST!!!

Veronica Massey, MD

Jamaica Plain, MA

Barry is a life changer!

I went to him a few years ago for a neck problem and after working on that for a while, he asked how the rest of me was doing. I had what I considered a “bad ankle” that physical therapy hadn’t made better and I had resigned myself to living in constant pain, but Barry told me that with work it could get significantly better. He did realignment and a variety of other techniques and taught me exercises that I could do at home. Within a few weeks, my ankle got stronger and I built my arch up so that it was no longer collapsed. I went from walking around in constant pain, only able to wear tennis shoes, to being able to walk around relatively pain free and wear a variety of shoes. My ankle still gets tired after a long day, but if I do the exercises that Barry showed me, it stays strong. I can’t thank him enough! I recommend him to everyone. He’s the best.

Jennifer W.

Destin, FL

Barry saved my life!

A friend highly recommended me to see Barry when I slipped a disc 4/2014 but I was skeptical so I didn’t go until I tried everything else first. Basically I slipped a disc at the end of April this year when I felt and heard a pop in my back and immediately my legs went numb and I was screaming in pain. MRI confirmed that I had a slipped disc in my lumbar spine and the resulting pain was excruciating. All the doctors did was medicate me for pain and ice which didn’t work well because I’m very sensitive to pain meds. I was told to give it some time for swelling to come down. I tried vicodin, tramadol, flexeril and I even took motrin which I was allergic to, I was in that much pain! I tried lidoderm patches from great grandma, salonpas patches from grandma and iced, iced, iced to the point where I ended up with burns on my back! I went back to see the doctor and tell him the medicine was knocking me out and couldn’t they do something else? More pills—valium (which nearly killed me, I got so sick) and a referral to PT cuz my back wasn’t getting any better. By then, I refused to take anything more than tylenol and ice for pain. I had PT for 2 weeks before I finally gave in. I was desperate as the pain was getting worse, especially after my PT sessions, and I was getting pain in both sides of my back that would run to my hips and down my legs. The scary part was that I was also starting to have involuntary muscle spasms in both legs. Literally my leg muscles would “jump” and the numbness was getting worse.

So I finally saw Barry the first week of June. He got me in very quickly and I’ll be honest…I almost cancelled cuz I was scared and skeptical. Not exactly traditional medicine, you know? He was pushing, pulling, and of course teaching. I also had to do these stretches and exercises he prescribed (I only did it for a month…sorry Barry!) but with only that one session, I was cured! Barry is my Savior! I couldn’t believe it myself when I got up the next day and realized that I had minimal pain when I lifted my legs.

The day after that I had no pain at all and was able to sit through a day of orientation without pain. I kept this good news to myself though because I was afraid I would jinx it if I said I was cured. 5 days later, I started telling everyone that Barry fixed me! My slipped disc was back in place. Back and leg pains, spasms, numbness… completely GONE! It’s now been 8 months since my injury and I have not had a problem! I have never had to see Barry again! My only regret is that I wish I had seen him sooner instead of enduring 6 weeks of agony and spending all that money on co-pays and pills when I could’ve simply paid for a visit with Barry!

Sharon Mann

Quincy, MA

Barry GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK! There are no words to explain the appreciation, gratitude and awe that I have for this man. I have been in a living hell for 4 long years. I had back pain that came on gradually and then just never went away. It may or may not have been prompted by a fall down the stairs at my home.

I am a 49 year old single Mom working Full time and I was gradually seeing my life diminish day after day and the pain never stopped. My son was 6 when the pain started and I feel like I lost out on many happy times with him from Age 6 to 10. Also, my authority and respect at work was getting lost. Over 4 years I tried EVERYTHING! I never stopped looking for a solution since I had to keep working and I had a son to care for. BUT THE NIGHTMARE ENDED THE DAY I WENT TO MY APPOINTMENT WITH BARRY. I was referred to him by my yoga instructor.

He sounded too good to be true – but he’s real and he’s amazing and I now call him my ANGEL.I literally cried in tears in his office when I went to see him a week later after my first visit. Tears of joy for a change! He actually did it …he diagnosed me and FIXED ME! I had pretty much lost all hope and was close to financial crisis and losing my job. I was begging for medication anywhere I could since it was the only thing that helped – but Dr.’s did not want to prescribe me the meds I needed anymore – I had been on them too long they said.

Here is a consolidated summary of what I tried and what failed for 4 years (2010 through 2014):
Physical Therapists – 2 facilities
SI Belt
MRI’s – 2
Steroid Injections – 3
Medial Branch Block Injections-3
Radio Frequency Ablation Injections – 2
Orthopedic Dr.’s – 3 (I was highly recommended at Mass General)
Neurosurgeons -2
Pain Clinics – 2
Tens Unit
Orthopedic Inserts for my sneakers and work shoes
Chiropractors – 3
Psychiatrist – 1
Yoga – all the time
Massage – all the time
Work space/Desk adjustments
“Back to Work” Machine
New Mattress
New Couches


Meds I took over the years with no success: Hydrocodone,Celbrex,Cymbalta,
Neurontin (Gabropentin), Numerous Anti-inflammatories,Nabumetone, Naproxen, Diclofen, Inflammatone, Flexeril, Valium,Lidoderm Patches, Biofreeze. 4 years of appointments, missing work, money spent, meds taken and much pain and tears and then….I went to 1 appointment on Monday Oct 6 with BARRY MEKLIR – the genius – HE FIXED ME!!

He diagnosed me in 1 day with a Twisted Pelvis and actually fixed it that day. I was in shock and so were all my friends and family who tried to help for so many years. He listens, he has compassion and he knows his stuff! He knows how the body works and what causes pain. He doesn’t have you coming back 3x/week to do the same thing over and over.

I will continue to see him over the next year probably monthly, just to continue the relief and make sure my back gets strengthened properly and back to full health.

I AM CRYING AS I TYPE THIS – I TRULY WENT THROUGH HELL AND IT’S OVER. I had given up hope of ever finding a cure. I live in NH, he’s in Brookline, but it’s truly worth the long drive to get to him

Forever grateful.

Kim Hepworth

Derry, NH

Barry is truly amazing. I went to see him after having pretty severe back pain from working out a bit too aggressively, and it was well worth the price.

Barry is funny and personable, and did a great job explaining what was throwing my body out of whack and what he was doing to correct it. I’ve recommended him to friends so figured I’d recommend him here too. From now on, he’s my go-to guy for sports/exercise-related issues.

Jesse S.

Brookline, MA

Barry Meklir is a Master. With his thorough understanding of the human body, with remarkable efficiency, Barry is able to not only analyze and pin-point the sources and causes of pain, but to  correct them as well.

For me, the head/neck trauma of a car collision, was followed by a decade of traditional chiropractic visits, which alleviated, but didn’t cure or prevent the underlying weaknesses. And in the past year developed into a significant, persistent pain in my neck and weakness and numbing down through my left arm and hand – all severe enough to interfere with my work as an attorney and intruding into every aspect of my life. I was referred to Barry by a client, and by the end of an hour’s visit with Barry, I left his office a bit dazed – but sensing that he had brought on some meaningful shift. Over the next week, I was reminded what life was like without pain, and looked forward to returning for my next visit.

After many months and considerable time commitment to a highly-regarded rehabilitation Pain Mngt. & P/T program, the problems continued and I was left with more frustration. Finally, MRI scans which revealed  degenerative disk disease and 2 or 3 cervical disk herniations. Not a pretty picture – but not a surprise – and a relief to finally see actual photographic evidence of the pain I’d been living in. At that moment, my 1st thought was of Barry Meklir. And the true astonishment that, given this reality, Barry was able to bring about such a degree of significant relief.
My next call was to Barry – seeking his opinion on possible next steps.

As many know too well, living with chronic pain is a profound experience. Persistent pain takes it’s toll not only on the body and physical activities, but over time, it’s presence can change the nature of who we are, it affects one’s capacity to enjoy life and eventually dim the human spirit. For one living with such (minor to severe), I would urge contacting Muscular Solutions.  Despite past therapies and treatment providers, I can attest that other possibilities do exist – and that Barry is one most worthy of exploration.

With his knowledge, skills and uniquely attuned intuition as a healer, I give Barry Meklir my very highest recommendation.

Emily McNamara, Esq

Arlington, MA

Barry is by nature, supernatural. I have seen a large variety of specialists for chronic muscle/pain issues over the years. I am a complicated specimen, having injured myself spectacularly in my extreme sports youth. It was by some chance I was introduced to Barry years ago. In fact it was right when I needed him most. I was about to go on tour and was in a desperate state of needing relief. My back, shoulder, arm and wrist were all locked up from an injury on the previous tour. Having had some minor work from Barry in the past, and knowing his skill set was superior to anyone on my list, I called panicked. In one visit he was able to locate the source of my problems and nearly cure me. This was not a “one visit problem”. He gave me clear and perfect instruction on how to stretch and maintain throughout the tour. Doing what he said, I had no problems for 30 days while using my body rigorously. I have gone to him regularly for years for maintenance and give him the highest recommendation. You won’t find another Barry. Muscular Solutions has muscular solutions, trust me.

Joe Plante

Newburyport, MA

There have been many, many times that I wished I could just hop on a plane for a Barry tune-up. You helped my body and taught me a lot about what it means to be a body worker.

Ginger P.

New Mexico

Barry! Barry is swell.

I sent Barry a lengthy email before meeting him about the many awful pains as was having all over my body as compensations from an accident where I fractured my tibia. It had been 2 years since my accident and I was still struggling walking let alone being physically active. And I NEED to be physically active, I just need that outlet otherwise I just have nervous energy that embodies itself as more tension in my body leading to even more discomfort.

Naturally, Barry was eager to see me in person to see how he could help. And the no insurance thing is a bummer for recent grads like me, but if you need to work out a pay a little here pay a little there plan, Barry is understanding. His primary concern is your healing and recovery. This analogy is quite an understatement but it’s the best I can think of right now. Barry costs more, but he does more. He’s worth it. I have loans to pay, bills to pay, rent to pay, I work five days a week. I’m not rich. But there are few things I’m will to compromise on, my health is one of them. Every second spent not contacting Barry is a day or week more you’ll spend in the recovery process. If you like to be active or be healthy, or simply not be in pain GO SEE BARRY.

Barry is definitely very textbook smart and knows human anatomy well, though he possesses a certain connection with the body and muscles that seems to go beyond most practitioners. He’s analytical and evaluates all the miniscule seeming but very important details of the body, then goes to town on them. His approach is less than traditional, but one of the most effective I’ve had. And I’ve had a sickening amount of sessions with my share of ineffective practitioners.
I get excited to see Barry, he’s an interesting guy to talk to, and he’ll probably enjoy your company too, but don’t take it personally if he doesn’t want to see you every day…He’s just doing his job and doesn’t want to see you more than he has to 🙂

Barry is passionate about healing others. You can tell this as you watch his eyes narrow and almost see the wheels turning in his brain as he considers which parts of your body might be triggering pain in another area of your body or which repeated movements and extensions might be the answer to a particular muscles strain or exhaustion.

Long story short. SEE BARRY. He’s great, he’s smart, he’s very good at what he does. I was excited to call him after reading all the reviews on his webpage, and I am so happy I contacted him. You will be too. Happy healing!

Kate W.

Brighton, MA

I have gone from a pain level of 10 to a 0 in less then a week thanks to the exercises you have taught me and the advice you have given me. Thank you 1000 times for getting me back to a place where I can play with my 2-yr old without reservation.

Jill Silvia

Scituate, MA

Barry is a god amongst massage/physical therapists. I’ve been to many in my day, and I’ve never, never met someone who possesses such an innate, intuitive understanding of the human body. Not to mention some of his tricks are almost voodoo-esque in their magic – like one minute your knee can’t withstand pressure, then he taps the side of your foot, and suddenly your knee can resist all of his force.

I went to see him on the recommendation of a friend who said he fixed her chronic hip issues, then I recommended him to my roommate and my father, and my roommate recommended him to her mother. All are deeply happy customers. He will give you stretches and exercises to do to help prevent your issue from reoccurring, and he will find places you didn’t even know hurt, but turn out to be related to the issues you’re having.

I’ve gone in both for run-of-the-mill back/neck stiffness, and for an emergency session after I got rear-ended and had awful muscle pain/soreness from the whiplash. Barry worked on everything, demonstrating how that one moment affected everything from my sacrum to my throat muscles.

To call Barry a masseuse is a misnomer – he’s Barry. That’s all I can really say.  This is not going to be a relaxing experience, and in fact at times, I’ve been on my side or back wincing and yelping in (good) pain. But it’s so worth it. Every time i’ve been to see Barry, I feel structurally…better. More pain-free. Able to go months before needing another tune-up. Which is good, because Barry isn’t cheap, but he is willing to work with you on payment plans/options if he feels you need multiple sessions.


Boston, MA

I had all but given up hope that a healthy me was possible. Suffering from daily headaches and migraines for the past 12 years, I had tried tons of strong migraine medications that failed and was just coming off of the newest suggestion: 6 months in a neck brace. Barry diagnosed me quickly (shoulder tension?! No wonder no remedy was working!) and within a few weeks, these migraines were gone – after over a decade of pain. Three years later, these migraines are a memory and I’m armed with tools to prevent it from happening again. I can’t even begin to describe how seeing Barry has helped my body and my quality of life.

Ivy Hest

Boston, MA

Last week I tweaked the muscle under my scapula – the same one that creeps up every once in a while and has so for the past twenty years. Earlier this week I had a muscle spasm in my neck. Yesterday, I visited my good friend Barry Meklir at his practice in Brookline, MA called Muscular Solutions. Barry takes a whole body approach to his healing and he is amazing. Today, I feel fantastic and 95% of the pain is gone. I expect to feel even better tomorrow. If you have any sort of muscular ailments plaguing you, I can’t recommend Barry enough. He is an incredible healer and truly knows what he’s doing. Make an appointment and you will not be disappointed!

Jon Merz

Medfield, MA

Testimonials are powerful and real. I had an injury 3 years ago (shoulder) which had escalated to chronic muscle problems all over my upper extremity. Like a normal person, I sought healing for my injuries. Long story short, I went to over 30 health professionals. Around 8 doctors (2 cortisone shots, bone and tendon, dry needling, MRI, Ink MRI), 5 chiropractors, 2 acupuncturists (electric too), 7 massage therapists, 6 physical therapists, professors, anyone… etc. Receiving no diagnosis from anyone, feeling no relief, symptoms increasing, I started looking to other states for help, anywhere but where I lived (Portland, Oregon). I searched online for testimonials or any positive consistent feed back of a physical therapist. This is where I found Barry Meklir.

Despite being 3,000 miles away I contacted Barry to see what he could do for me. First thing I noticed was that he was very compassionate in what he does, and cares about patients even if he’s far away. He allowed me to list my long story in detail to him over the Internet and gave me a description of what I might have. He told me, along with other things, I most likely have a sprained AC joint. He did this before seeing me. It left me a little in awe that he guessed it so quickly and the description fit a lot of my referred pain. So, instead of waiting and continuing to electronically dialog with this mystery man, I bought a plane ticket and flew to Boston. To give some context, I’m 22 and in college with not a lot of money. But if these testimonials are true, then it would be worth the risk to see this man. Also to note, I’ve seen 2 Olympic trainers than specialize in shoulders. One went to Beijing and was in charge of teaching all the trainers the referral patterns of shoulder pain, and the root of them. The other man is a PT at Colorado Springs during training. Of all the people I have seen I would have to say no one understand the body better than Barry.

Barry, just like testimonies show, can pinpoint your condition, wherever and whatever it is. No other doctor, therapist, or person I spoke with ever gave me a diagnosis for what I have. It’s a little more complicated than an AC sprain, but Barry pinpointed it. As it turns out, the AC sprain he thought was most likely the cause of my problems  turned out to be the correct diagnosis. Barry started to work with me and worked his magic. I honestly didn’t believe his testimonials when they said magic, but indeed his hands are magical.  It’s been just 4 sessions and I’m 85% better and heading to a full recovery. Barry wants you fixed ASAP and will do whatever it takes to find healing for you. He has many unique techniques that I have never seen before and gives you great PT exercises to do at home that are quick and effective. But besides his supernatural wisdom of the body, Barry is a great humble man. He is fun to talk with and makes the environment a comfortable one. If only I knew of Barry sooner, I would have been on a plane earlier. I am thankful I was able to receive relief, help, and guidance from Barry. If I didn’t see him, I would have lived with my chronic pain. If you have pain, go to Barry. His testimonials are powerful and true.

John Krill

Portland, OR

I’m glad I can schedule an appointment usually within the week some injury is bothering me and I feel isn’t returning to 100%. I’m averaging about 2-3 appointments a year now.

I had a major knee injury 16 years ago. About 3 years ago I started having these pulling/pinching/stabbing pains at that same knee.  Booked an appointment for the first time with Mr. Meklir and had an awesome healing session. Not only did he bring that knee back to close to 100% (not totally complete, because of an injury like that and years of building up to the painful point 3 years ago), but revived the strengths of other muscles that I didn’t realize were out of balance due to my body adjusting to my old injury.  I felt like 10 years younger after that very first appointment.

Whenever there’s a muscle out of whack or body just not up to par, I definitely make sure I see him to get my overall body tune up!

Princess DeJesus

Boston, MA

Barry does fantastic work! If you have chronic pain or decreased movement, have done PT forever with minimal results or tired of using pain killers, try Barry. He’s worth every penny!

Kit Yuen, RN

Boston, MA

Barry is the only person that could fix me without any pain. I don’t know how but he has magic in his hands.  I have been having frozen shoulders for many years.  I have done physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathic, massage therapy, and more, but nothing quite helped me like what Barry does. He is a amazing! So before you see anyone, go see him and it is worth the price!

Hannah Benshabbat

West Newton

This has to be one of the easiest reviews to write. Barry is a wonderful clinician- compassionate, highly skilled, patient, takes the time to explain what he’s doing, and honest. I felt improvement after the first visit, and have continued to progress steadily. His goal is to get you moving, doing exercises at home, and to not have you living in his office. He seems to be constantly expanding his knowledge base and using new techniques in order to provide the most comprehensive care. I can’t say enough good things about the treatment I’ve received. The man is a mensch.

Rebecca G.

Boston, MA

I started seeing Barry after a particularly difficult year during which my body started manifesting a great deal of imbalance, which presented as tension pain and trigger points. Within my first session, Barry had figured out my body, mysteriously finding sites of old injuries and alleviating current pain. He was completely honest with me about my prognosis, and we came up with both a schedule and a payment plan that worked for me. Unlike others whose problems are solved in one session, I saw Barry for about 6 months regularly. He has amazing intuition about what will heal people, and when he suggested to me that I should start dancing again (I had stopped as a teenager), a lightbulb really went off. I am currently pain free, much more active, taking two dance classes a week, and feel healthier and stronger than I have ever been. I go now just for maintenance and adjustments, and it’s always worthwhile. I carry around Barry’s business cards and recommend him to everyone I know!

Sophie I.

Cambridge, MA

The combination of modalities that Barry utilizes during treatment sessions can seem quite like magic.  His combination of study and experience makes him unique and hard to match, so I take the opportunity whenever I’m in the Boston area to book an appointment. He’s helped me with overall fatigue and feeling run down after illness, and more recently addressed acute back pain. Though the techniques during treatment can feel intense, it’s so well worth it, feeling huge improvements when I walk out of there that last a long time.

Years ago I was seeing a chiropractor in NYC for back pain. I’d feel better after my appointment, but within a day or two later the pain would return. No so with Barry and Muscular Solutions. My last appointment was a week ago, and I still feel the benefits of my visit. He also goes above and beyond, giving me exercises I can do at home to maintain the structural balance he restores, and he’ll even follow up to see how I’m feeling.

I feel lucky to have been introduced to Barry and his gifted healing services.

Ricki Jean T.

Brooklyn, NY

Before Barry I was very suspicious of people who said they could help my pain, Barry changed that. My body was becoming a pretzel of pain from an auto accident and stress. My legs were weak and my shoulder pain was terrible. Barry helped with all of this and gave me exercises at home to help keep my muscles strong and feeling good. He is intelligent and friendly and will make you laugh as he is popping you back into shape. I suggest him to anyone who has any muscle pains. My wife, sister and friends all go to see him.

Trust me he is amazing.

Alex M.

Newton, MA

After seeing countless doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and the like after two automobile accidents in the span of three years, I was introduced to Barry. At this point, I considered myself to be “on the mend” – sort of, until I had my first visit with Barry. Unlike other massage therapists, chiropractors, or physical therapists, who would simply attempt to address the symptoms, Barry ran off a list of problems that needed to be fixed. He identified unresolved issues that had gone un-noticed by everyone else – and knew how to fix them. His techniques are superb.

Aside from the massage therapy, realigning, readjusting, and constant pre/post assessments, Barry taught me various exercises and adjustments that I should continue at home to keep the body in alignment; these at home techniques were far more involved than any of the other exercises that physical therapists hand you on your way out the door. And this was clearly far more than your average massage therapy. It was about healing and staying healed – putting the body back into equilibrium so that it could stay there and do everything that I need it to do.

I recommend Barry without reservations.

Chris T.

Brookline, MA

Barry has helped me and he will do the same for you period! I have been to some really good people in the past but Muscular Solutions blows them all away. I don’t always understand how the techniques work but you cannot argue with the results.

I had an extremely painful injury that occurred while power lifting. I hurt my lower back, hip and knee area while performing heavy bent over rows. The intensity of the pain and muscle spasms progressed in mere minutes to a point in which I could not stand upright, turn my head, or place my right heal to the floor. Anyone who has ever been truly injured can understand the fear and panic that followed.

In short, I found my way to Barry’s office and he immediately helped me.

I thought my story was pretty unique until I read these other reviews. If you train in martial arts or weight lift you need a place like Muscular Solutions to help repair all the damage done to your body on a regular basis.

Dennis D.

Quincy, MA

I had a really bad muscle pain in my lower back and I could barely stand up. My co-worker Emer referred me to Barry Meklir. OMG, He was able to remove the pain in my back! He’s amazing; a true healer, I highly recommend. My lower back is much better. I don’t wake up in the night from sleeping on either side and it doesn’t “catch” anymore. My lower body feels more stable. My pain was completely gone the next day. He’s knowledgeable & professional, a true body alignment specialist.

Rod A.

Waltham, MA

To say that Barry of Muscular Solutions saved my life might sound a little extreme but it is close to the truth. For many months I was suffering with severe pain from TMJ. I could not sleep at night. I was taking 800mg of ibuprofen with little effect. After 3 months with little or no sleep words can not describe how badly I was feeling.

I spent thousands of dollars on the usual medical tests, cat scan, blood work, dental work, Primary care doctor, Eye, ear, nose and throat specialist. No help what so ever!

Finally I found Barry, the owner of Muscular Solutions on line. After reading the positive reviews of others I called him at once. After only two 1 hour sessions with Barry my pain was gone! I mean GONE! I was sleeping at night again. My energy has returned and I feel like my old self.

FYI, Barry is a muscular therapist. He used both massage and muscular therapy to alleviate my pain and resolve several other problems that I was having. He also taught me a number of exercises that I could do myself in the event any of my problems should return.

It has now been 2 months since my firs visit to Barry and I am still totally pain Free!

Thank You Barry!!!!!

Larry H.

Woburn, MA

Before I started massage & physical therapy treatment with Barry I woke up every day with pain and swelling in my feet from a near fatal car accident 20 years ago that fractured both of them in multiple places. The pain and swelling in my feet had been debilitating ever since then but it was something I just learned to live with. A friend recommended Barry to me and after just a few appointments they feel brand new. It’s amazing! I’m finally able to walk long distances without suffering for days afterward and I can even head to the mountains for a hike.

Along with the various treatments he uses during your visit he sends you home with specific exercises and self-care ideas that actually work. I don’t always understand what he’s doing during a session, but I walk out of that room like a new woman. Thanks Barry, I can’t recommend you highly enough.

Lisa K.

I am a professional dancer. My body is my instrument. Injuries come with the territory, I hurt myself all the time.

He has fixed my 5 year old non-healing ankle injury in matter of one session. Also fixed my lower back…. And list goes on.


Nikki B.

I don’t want to use the word “magic” because it’s not.

It’s a combination of tons of training, knowledge, and innate precision and sensitivity.

But it sure does feel like magic.

I had knee surgery after injuring myself doing Capoeira, and I’d visited PTs who looked at my knee as a combination of 3-5 parts.  Barry looked at me and dissected the nuances immediately before laying a hand on me, and I was walking, dancing, playing without pain immediately.

And the most telling part is that he says frankly that he isn’t trying to get you to come back.  He’s trying to heal you.  Since meeting him, I’ve only had to go back 2 times over the past few years.

He’s a master.

Jonah Goldstein

Barry is a mensch. Muscular Solutions is a class operation: professional, generous, responsive.

When I needed help with a rib subluxation but couldn’t get to his office because I was traveling, I emailed Barry. Next thing I knew, he called me back with excellent suggestions on adjusting myself.

And it worked! After a couple of days trying a combination of his suggestions, the rib was back where it belonged.

Those 5 stars? They should go to Barry as karma credits.

Dana C.

Andover, MA

The best money I ever spent!!! After having Chronic neck pain for about 3 years I finally found someone who can really help me.

After going to Chiropractors and massage therapists for a long time, I met Barry by chance and I decided to give him a try, seen as I had tried everything to get rid of the pain. Honestly, I felt like a new person walking out of his office, I couldn’t believe that after just 1 session I could feel a million times better than before.

I recently was involved in a car accident where my car was totaled, I had whiplash afterwards and had to undergo physical therapy for 10 weeks. After the 10 weeks, I was a little better but still in pain. I went to Barry last week and I am back to normal again, back at the gym and not worrying about my neck for once!! It’s like a miracle

I am truly thankful that I met Barry, he is amazing. I don’t know how to explain what he does, but he can determine the root of your pain and work from there. I have told all my friends and would recommend him to anyone who has neck pain, or even old sports injuries that have been a problem for me also.

Thanks so much Barry…your the best!!

Emer D.

My personal trainer recommended Muscular Solutions to help me overcome a nagging shoulder (rotator cuff) injury that would not go away and to help relieve my back pain which is associated with arthritis. Seeing Barry has made a huge difference. My shoulder is better and I have been able to move forward with my workout regimen and my back feels so much better after treatment. His PT skills, along with his massage background, give Barry the insight to develop unique solutions to the aches and pains we accumulate through life. I highly recommend him.

James Cullion

I am constantly asking for help with specific problems and Barry is able to locate and work these out and then I bring him new ones.

Andy Taylor-Blenis

Barry seriously helped me rehab my shoulder/neck injuries! A+++ review!!

Rich Borgatti Jr.

I had come off a plane, all bent out of shape, met up with Barry. He took one look at me, pulled over on some public piece of nasty grass and gave me an adjustment. Barry was able to alleviate my pain instantly! Barry and Muscular Solutions Rock!!

Tania Weins

If you are in pain…Barry is your guy!! He’s like the conveyor belt in the movie The Wizard of Oz…where he puts you back together again and makes you feel brand new! I wish I was in Boston…I haven’t found anyone on the west coast that equals his level of healing work and knowledge.

Hollis MacArthur

I had hyper-extended my back while body surfing maybe 4 or 5 years earlier. I must have pinched some thing and always had a sore spot there for many years. One time when we were camping, Barry noticed me stretching out to alleviate the pain. He said come here. He touched my back and pin-pointed the problem in less than 30 seconds.

He then proceeded to turn around me and stretch me a little. Then he had me get on the ground as he quickly adjusted me. In less than 120 seconds we went from diagnosis to cure. I have never felt a single bit of pain, discomfort or irritation in that part of my back again. I was simply amazed. And a little disturbed at allowing myself to suffer so long when all it took was a simple adjustment to get me back in shape.

John Marcello Aposotolos

My chosen work & play activities combined with some old injuries results in chronic pain conditions in my shoulders, arms & hands. Barry has provided both short & long term relief as well as expert advice & support for my own self-maintenance. He combines a vast knowledge of a number of modalities, with a calm thoughtful approach and reasoned advice. I’ve recommended Barry to several friends and acquaintances. All have had the same excellent experience and results.

The fact that he also understands what good music is all about is a bonus!

Gregory Bramhall

Barry Meklir is wonderful. I went to see Barry 3 years ago for chronic headaches. I had decided that the headaches were something that I would have to live with. After my first visit with Barry I could feel the difference in the headache pain that I had had for years. His massage therapy techniques in relieving the pain were amazing. Not only did my headaches disappear after visiting Barry, but he was able to address other issues of pain with his incredible knowledge of the human body and techniques he has used for years to help so many other people. I recommend Barry to anybody who tells me that they have chronic pain, etc. He is a lifesaver.

Susan Mayo

Barry has a lot of nicknames — I call him the Magic Muscle Man. Anyway, I suffer from chronic headaches, related to tension in my jaw and neck due to TMJ. Whenever it gets particularly bad, Barry is the man I see to get my body back in line. I’ve also seen him after acute injuries (a car accident, and an injury while moving sets), which circumvented the on-going pain some people experience.

Lisa Goldthwaite

I have been seeing Barry for a variety of muscular skeletal issues for years now.

Originally, it was for chronic RSI in both hands, which over the course of several weeks he resolved where the doctors were talking surgery.. Years later, and I am still symptom free. Since then it has been for the occasional fix to injuries and strains accumulated thru life.

His demeanor, approach and presence are calming and completely assuring and confident. His work is superb and he delivers results with out dragging the process out. He really does want to make you better and not see you again. And he is very, very good at doing exactly that.

Clark Wright

Barry Meklir is a gifted healer. I went to one of the leading sports medicine doctors in the Boston area who basically told me I would never ride again (i’m a cyclist). After several visits to Muscular Solutions, I was on my way. I did some of the best riding of my life after being treated by Barry. He truly understands how the body in motion works as a whole and he is wholeheartedly committed to getting every patient out of his office and active again. As I am a multi-sport athlete, I have returned to Barry with countless injuries and I have been delightedly amazed by his endless repertoire of techniques. He is a genius and a kind soul. Not only is he phenomenally talented, but he genuinely cares about his patients.

Annice Kra

Barry, I swear, is a miracle worker. He worked on my dad once upon a time, and since then, I’ve started to go, and now I have included one of my best friends in this experience. Whenever I go, I always feel completely out of shape. And somehow, when I leave, there is not an ounce of ache in my body.
Barry has an amazing personality, and such cool objects around his room, that it is always a pleasure to go, not just for the work (which is amazing), but also to see all of the sculptures etc. around

Nathan Macomber

I can not speak highly enough about my experience with Muscular Solutions and Barry Meklir. I suffered from chronic neck spasm for many years and came to expect that it would take about 2 weeks to feel better and that the spasms would reoccur every two to three months. Since I met Barry 3 years ago, everything has changed. I have learned so much from him in terms of alignment, stretching, posture, ergonomics at the computer that I rarely have neck spasms any longer. When I do, he is able to help me almost immediately and to provide sustaining relief from the pain. His massage and physical therapy techniques, his capacity to really listen and his ability to intuitively know what the individual needs for health and healing is truly a gift.

Samara Tilkin

I have had the pleasure of working with Barry both as a professional and a patient. I first met Barry at a talk about the human body relating to movement and muscular dysfunction, and soon after to address a shoulder injury that caused me a severe amount of pain. What struck me the most about Barry was not only his incredible depth of knowledge of the human body and its components, but how the all intricately work together. He just does not treat pain, but has a delicate eye pin-pointing the cause of pain that makes his services invaluable. As a personal trainer, I know how having dysfunction of the body can negatively impact the body, and Barry is a master of correcting just that. I never hesitate to send a client of my own to see Barry.

From my personal experiences with Barry, I can attest that one visit with him can result a great reduction of pain, discomfort, and more importantly, FUNCTION. I have never worked with any other therapist that could help my shoulder move better with less pain than Barry. As a professional in the realm of health and fitness, I highly recommend Barry’s services to anyone that has been dealing with chronic pain or muscular issues.

David Forrette

B.S. Exercise Physiology and Sports Studies, NSCA-CPT, RKC

Barry Meklir is the sole proprietor of Muscular Solutions. My family and I have been going to him for years–we call him the witch doctor. He uses a unique mix of soft and hard tissue practices that are guaranteed to cure what ails you. There is no one better at solving hard & soft tissue problems. Sore neck? Go to Barry. Nagging hip issues? Go to Barry. Constant lower back pain? Go to Barry.

His techniques are unlike anything you’ve seen before. As a result, he’ll fix you like no one else you’ve ever been to. Awesome!

Derek Skaletsky

Every so often I get into a crisis state with my back and/or neck. When I do…I try to get in to see Barry ASAP. He is truly a miracle worker. He has saved me many, many times. When I thought I would be out of action for a week… he gets me straightened out…literally. His combination of massage, manipulations and muscular work is fantastic. To be honest, I don’t know how to characterize what he does exactly, but what I do know…is that it works every time. I highly recommend him.

Richard Tilkin

Barry is amazing. I had tendonitis in my wrist for 12 years, and he was able to fix it in about six months- something that 12 years of orthopedic doctors and conventional physical therapy could not do (and at the same time fixed my posture, which I didn’t even realize was bad). He’s been my go-to guy for body work since 2005. Yes, he is expensive, but worth every penny. Back pain, knee pain, muscle pain, joint pain – he knows what he’s doing.”

Reidan Fredstrom

I have seen many massage and physical therapists over the years to treat chronic lower back pain. By the time I found Barry Meklir, I was pretty skeptical and defeated as no one had been able to get to get my body back to where it should be. He is a miracle worker. Not only has he treated the pain symptoms, he also has helped me devise a plan to stay ahead of the pain. I highly recommend him for physical therapy and massage therapy!

Sharon Henderson

After experiencing debilitating back pain w/out any relief from doctors, physical therapists, and a chiropractor for 4 months, I finally visited Barry. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long while! Barry seemed to know exactly what was wrong with me and after two hour long sessions, I felt a million times better. My back is back to normal! Barry is an awesome physical therapist, massage therapist, and overall healer. I wholeheartedly recommend his services!


Since beginning to work with Barry, I have experienced major and permanent relief from stubborn, decades-old back and ankle pain. I have also come to a much more thorough and holistic understanding of my body and how I can maintain my improved health. Barry is not only a superb bodyworker, combining massage therapy with many other forms of whole-body care and physical therapy, but he is also a clear and effective teacher who wants you to be able to understand your body and keep yourself healthy. He is my first resource whenever I am in pain and need help, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Molly Overholt

Barry is fantastic: a master bodyworker, an intuitive healer, and an enthusiastic, educated listener. When I came to his office six years ago with a karate injury, Barry diagnosed not only the physiology of the injury itself, but errors in the martial arts technique I had been practicing. Using bodywork methods from several different healing disciplines, he began treatment. Then he taught me how to improve my karate form and prevent future injury. My friends and I call him “Barry-wan”, for his miracle-working as much as his enthusiastic and multi-disciplined approach. I would recommend him to anyone.

Myra Hope Bobbit

If you have pain related to TMJ disorder, you’ve got to see Barry. I called him in a lot of pain and he fit me in for later that day. He understood why my body is so screwed up as a result of my TMJ. It was so great to finally meet a practitioner who truly gets it, and can fix it!! Over the past few years I’ve been to countless massage therapists in the area for my pain, but Barry stands head and shoulders above everyone else. He sent me home with unique exercises and handouts to address my problem. On a final note, he seems like someone you can really trust. I’ve spent a LOT of money on this chronic pain, and it’s really disheartening to trust a practitioner who promises you the world and in the end has just taken a lot of your money. Barry stresses that if you are seeing him (or anyone else) frequently for treatment, something is wrong.

Janelle Tribble

I first went to Barry 10 years ago after responding to his advertisement in the Yellow pages and have been going to him ever since. Whenever I have any muscle pain or tightness, Barry fixes me up on the 1st visit almost every time. I work out a lot and have very tight muscles, but because I can see Barry whenever I have issues I rarely have any extended downtime due to injuries. During my sessions with Barry I have gotten to know him and his approach. Barry is very knowledgeable and passionate about healing. He is constantly learning more about healing by attending seminars and discussing healing with his peers. His approach uses a variety of different methods. The sessions are not like a massage, instead it is an analytical exercise of Barry looking at the body holistically and finding the root cause of your issues and then addressing those issues. I highly recommend Barry to anyone with muscular pain. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on a resource like him.

Jonathan Mozenter

The best thing Barry ever did was help me walk again when I was in extreme pain with a bulging disc and could not move off of my living room floor. When I threw my back out this time, it was a Sunday evening and if it were not for Barry, I would have had to go to the Emergency Room. Barry talked me through 3 hours of physical therapy and stretching until I could get up and go to bed. I then saw him the next day at his office for massage therapy and additional physical therapy. His technique is superior to any physical therapy I’ve encountered. He also has a nutritional background that has helped me with rheumatoid arthritis and he helps a friend of mine with severe liver damage. My friend with liver damage cannot go without his treatment without feeling ill. Barry is very special and I highly recommend him for any ache or pain you have.

Kristen Capizzo

I’ve been seeing Barry for a long-standing shoulder/rhomboid injury for almost 4 years. He was a life saver in the first couple of sessions. I arrived for my first appointment suffering chronic shoulder and neck pain. By the end of the first session, I could move my neck with out pain which I hadn’t be able to do for several months. Once the crisis was over, Barry has worked on other areas–from odd twinges, to jaw-related issues, to realigning my hips after I ran a half-marathon. My neck/shoulder are still a problem but Barry’s treatment and skills as a physical therapist keep me mobile, pain free and doing the sports I love, including boxing, running, biking and playing with my kid. I would, and have, recommended Barry to anyone who is having short-term or long-term physical problems. Barry also makes time if you have an emergency. For example, relieving pain after a torturous plane ride. Barry is a dedicated and gifted healer.

Janet Gard

Over the nine years that I have known him, I have gone to Barry to have him fix my leg, my left shoulder, and my right knee. In all instances neither my doctor nor a chiropractor could help me. But in only a few short sessions Barry had me feeling better and on my way to recovery. He provided me with exercises I could do on my own saving me hundreds of dollars in physical therapy costs. And he was quick to respond to any questions I had in-between or even after my sessions. I live on the boarder of Rhode Island but my visit to Muscular Solutions is worth the drive into Boston every time. Highly recommended!

David North-Martino

I first went to visit Barry 12 years ago. I had chronic back and hip pain due to a Rugby injury in college. For a number of years I grew more and more imbalanced as I traversed the map to various doctors and specialists, to no avail and worsening pain. It had gotten to the point where I had already been sent BACK to the same PT office I had started at a couple years prior when I found Barry. The cycle was complete! I had been told by my Primary Care Physician that my life was going to be a rough road and I wouldn’t be able to be much of a walker or runner. I had begun to lose hope, and walking was a painful and arduous task. It had finally been determined that all of the imbalances were causing a calcification in my L5 vertebra in my spine; which is more commonly known as a predecessor to a fracture. Time was ticking as my lower vertabra was to be added to list of injuries and further pain to attempt managing.. Within six months of my work with Barry, I was much more in balance, and becoming active again. My back and hips were no longer in pain. I could walk and even run again. He not only restored my body back to balance, but he restored the hope I was rapidly losing. I urge anyone reading this with chronic pain, to talk with Barry. Today I see him for “tune-ups” here and there and lead a very active life. Barry’s work has sent me on a far superior path than I ever expected.

Julia Finnegan

Barry helped my chronic neck pain and stiffness, ankle/foot injury and SI joint discomfort tremendously. In fact I have no more chronic neck or SI discomfort and my foot is 90% better. After my 1st visit I felt remarkably better. Barry is a uniquely skilled muscular therapist and healer. While traditional physical therapy and massage therapy has its place, Barry brings a wealth of knowledge about kinesiology, movement patterns, even the way the brain perceives blocks in muscular pathways (which I am probably not explaining correctly) but suffice it to say Barry is able to blend this knowledge to produce fantastic results. I want every one I know who has any physical discomfort to see him. I will keep seeing him for “maintenance” and prevention. He’s a really nice guy too and genuine in his care for people.

Julia Courtney

I met Barry through a friend who was being treated by him. He came with great reviews and I had to see if he could help me. I was a life long student of dance and became an Aerobics instructor in my early 20’s. By the time I was approaching 30 I had severe pain in my left hip, knee and both of my ankles. Eventually I stopped teaching and exercising all together. I began to see Barry 4 years ago and am back in the Gym classroom as a participant, and back in the studio as a Yoga instructor. I really never thought this would be possible. Two years ago I got back into hiking in the mountains, including the 4,000 footers. I have my life back! I return to Barry periodically for maintenance, I am a Hairdresser by trade, and without Barry I would be facing surgery for Carpel Tunnel. I should also mention, I drive an hour from Londonderry NH to see him, it’s that important and so very worth the trip!

Jean Marie Nocella

I am a dancer, and therefore abuse my body in all kinds of creative ways. I was first recommended Barry Meklir at Muscular Solutions by a dancer friend because of a pain in my ankle that I couldn’t figure out. I was so impressed by that experience, I have been recommending him left and right. I have a pretty solid understanding of anatomy given my dance training and yoga teacher training and his skills never cease to amaze me. I especially appreciate and respect that his knowledge covers a wide range from massage to energy work to physical therapy and more. He has not only saved my a**, but my ankle, my back, and I‘m sure more to come.

Catherine Murcek

This may be the easiest recommendation I’ve ever written. Barry‘s work is impeccable. I came to him with a severe hip problem that had recurred off and on for years. He both fixed it, and gave me a long term set of exercises to prevent it. All along the way he was great at setting expectations honestly and responding to any issues and concerns. He understood my reality as a performing artist and was able to structure his therapy to my specific needs.

Elizabeth Kelly

Alright, simply put, Barry rocks. Using a combination of techniques he has worked wonders on my poor, abused body and keeps it in much better condition than I do on my own…Using some massage techniques and physical therapy know-how, he can get you back into fighting, dancing, running, kicking, what-ever-you-need form.

I went to see Barry on the word of a friend that had been injured. He’s got a wonderful and well-deserved reputation. Good guy, great body worker. My body works far better than it had, and I continue to go see him for whatever problems come up.

Ginger Plummer

Barry at Muscular Solutions works minor miracles… Getting an hour of Barry’s time is necessary if you have an injury – but I’d also recommend it as a great gift for someone you care about.

I always leave feeling about a million percent better than when we start, and with a better understanding of how I move, and what about my motions puts me out of alignment.

Barry has a fantastic presence – he‘s very calming but efficient at the same time.

Josh Dolby

Just getting around to yelping my experience. I must say I’m not at all surprised to see all the 5 star reviews. They are well deserved and I’ll be adding my name to the list with this review.

It’s a bit hard to adequately describe what Barry does in a short yelp review. Quite simply he is amazing and one of the finest people in his profession I have encountered. He is constantly expanding his knowledge and I think there are few folks with broader expertise when it comes to correcting problems with muscular therapy. This is so much more then a a simple massage.

I first saw Barry after an injury that left me with some loss of feeling in my arm and significantly reduced mobility in my shoulder/arm. After going twice a week for 12 weeks (24 sessions!) to physical therapy through Mt Auburn Hospital and having it go nowhere I went to see Barry on the advice of a friend. It was the best decision I ever made. While the folks at MAH were focused simply on addressing the symptoms, Barry worked to determine the root cause and after a few sessions I was nearly back to pre-injury condition armed with exercises and techniques I could do on my own. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference Barry personally made toward my recovery.

I now see Barry on an occasional basis as a preventative measure when I start to feel off or out of alignment. Highly recommended!

Ville Odell

Over the last few years I have had a chronic shoulder/neck problem. My fiancee had suggested I go to see Barry. Being Japanese I wasn‘t really comfortable going to a stranger, let alone a man. Not only did he make me feel comfortable enough to help with my shoulder, he actually worked wonders on me being able to be in my body again without pain. I was so surprised I have seen him a few times over the last few years. Not only has he been a great massage therapist but also he has become a great friend. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to feel better in their body, has pain or an injury, or just needs a great massage. I have suggested him to a few friends, who also benefited from his work. His work is not only appreciated but extremely effective.

Doumo Arigatou

Barry is truly a miracle worker! Can’t wait to get back in for a tune-up!

Tara Armstrong

Physicians Assistant

Barry is simply put, amazing. I am a physician and know quite well the typical medical approach to evaluating injuries. Barry has among the best diagnostic approaches to his physical exam and has the highest level of knowledge about anatomy and an incredible understanding of injury mechanisms and how to fix various problems. I initially saw him a few years ago for a shoulder injury that nearly prevented me from working – with one single session he fixed that problem. I have had two other injuries since then – he has always seen me on the same day I have called and always fixed my problems. I have sent over a dozen friends and colleagues over the years, all have had similar results. I would see him before anyone else for most musculoskeletal problems.

Eric Fleegler

Boston Pediatric ER Physician

It is a real pleasure to work with Barry. He is very accommodating and responsive to my needs. I find him extremely sensitive in addition to being a terrific body worker.

Kelly McCutcheon, MSW

After 11 months of various medical procedures (MRI, nerve conduction velocity test, mylegram), several doctors (neurologist, orthopedist, internist), physical therapy, two different massage therapists, and a chiropractor to treat pain and injuries I suffered in an automobile accident, I was referred to Barry Meklir. In three short visits I was 100% pain free and had regained full mobility. On Barry’s advice, I am back working out on a regular basis and conditioning to once again play tennis and golf after nearly a year absence. My deepest gratitude and respect goes to Barry. He is without a doubt the reason for my recovery.

Stephen Parnell

Scituate, MA

Barry has quickly and effectively treated several long-standing orthopedic problems, for which I am very thankful. I am very lucky to have found him.

Andy Reamer

When I first went to see Barry Meklir I was literally tied up in knots, spasmed from the inside out. My lower back and buttocks felt so locked up I could hardly get out of bed or bend over in the morning. My upper back was hard as a rock and I could not relax.

Barry Meklir’s profound knowledge of the human body and body mechanics along with his gentle yet firm touch and down to earth manner make him an invaluable muscular therapist. It is clear to me Barry’s work has helped relieve me of both chronic and acute pain and has helped to re-educate my muscular system.

I am extremely pleased to have him as part of my personal health team and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of muscular therapy and I often refer my own patients to him.

Kathy Seltzer, Dipl. Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist

Being a professional dancer takes quite a toll on my body. I was looking for a massage therapist that would be able to focus directly on my specific problems and have real solutions that produce results. I found that person. Barry Meklir is the most effective massage therapist that I have ever worked with – and that is saying a lot because my mother is also a massage therapist! I find myself recommending him to people I meet all the time. I even give sessions with him as gifts to my husband.

Christine Schmitt

Brighton, MA

For months I suffered through the pain and discomfort of a neck and upper shoulder musculoskeletal injury. The physical therapy sessions I was faithfully attending didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere. I was referred to Barry by my husband who had seen Barry several years ago for treatment of a lower back injury. Barry quickly diagnosed my problem and after a few sessions with Barry and some at-home stretching exercises, I was on my way to full recovery. I instantly felt confident in Barry’s abilities which was extremely important to me as I was several months pregnant at the time. Barry is very knowledge, responsive and able to provide advice in terms a non-medical person can understand.

Jill Scirpo

Brookline, MA

For 30 odd years I had some serious low back pain. After seeing Barry a couple of times I am now on my third or fourth year of being pain free. He is a very dedicated professional who works hard at his profession and has provided me with excellent care and follow up. I am really appreciative of his service and hope this brief testimonial does justice to him.

Dr. Harvey Dulberg

Brookline MA

I visit the Boston area from California for a week every 2–3 years. I am in the area for business, so my days are booked with classes that I need to lead. Three years ago, I came to the area already in intense shoulder pain from work/stress-computer…kind of a ‘mouse-abuse’ shoulder. I found Barry’s name in the Yellow Pages. In a one-hour visit, he decreased my pain by 75% and gave me a 5 min. daily stretch to do (I still do this daily). By the end of day three, I was totally pain free. The pain has never returned. Because of the 7 PM appointment time, I did not need to miss a second of work.

The next work-related visit was this past January [2002] and I called ahead for an appointment, again making it late in the evening. I had a pulled arm muscle that he cured right away, but more importantly, I decided to tell him about my chronic back pain. I have experienced moderate to severe back pain for over 30 years. I was more nervous about the back pain, as over the years, I had adjusted to living with pain. I worried that touching, moving, or manipulating my hips would cause more pain, or different pain. But the success of curing my shoulder and arm pain led me to trust that my back would not get worse and might improve. Improve is not the word!!! I feel years younger. I left Barry’s office that night pain free. Since he knew I was from California he took the time to write down each step that he did so my Osteopath would have a record. This was really helpful and easy for him to understand. I have been back for 4 months and have not needed one adjustment. But, the doctor has his notes if they are ever needed.

In my entire life, I have never been happier with a service than I have been with Muscular Solutions. His methods are different than

others that I have experienced, and the outcomes have been much, much more than I have ever experienced. Barry truly listened to my story of pain, asked questions, and his treatment really helped –and stayed with me. I would not hesitate to personally recommend him to anyone with mild to severe pain. Please feel free to give out my telephone number or email address to anyone needing a recommendation.

Irene Pino

Senior Implementation Specialist, Eatec Corporation

After two years of seeing countless, “top notch” physical therapists, I disgruntledly gave up my search for finding a “cure” for the injuries in my legs, hips and knees. I had been an avid cyclist, runner, etc., and I was told I would never be able to ride the mileage I once had, and I certainly would  never run again. As many active athletes know, that diagnosis is terrifying and cruel. I resorted to taking long walks, occasional swimming, and mostly moping. A friend gave me Barry’s number and said, “Trust me, you have to call him.”

Well, my life changed dramatically within a few months. I’m fairly conservative in my choice of doctors, therapists etc., so when I say Barry is a gifted healer, I wholeheartedly mean it.  He understands the interconnectedness of muscle injury, alignment, balance, and most importantly, athletes in motion. I can’t possibly explain “what” he did, and “how” he untangled my muscles, but the results speak for themselves. I have been riding more mileage than I was before my muscles “shut down”. I have completed three double century rides, with the guidance, support and treatment that Barry gave me. I am running, playing tennis, and my next challenge is to play soccer. After breaking my clavicle biking, Barry worked on me and gave me stretching exercises to prevent stiffening etc. I have full range of my right arm, and I owe my healthy recovery to the work he did on me.

Barry is fascinated by the challenges each muscle injury presents.

He ingests the information brought to him, and thus begins the quest to fully “heal” the patient. I have never encountered a practitioner who engages so completely in treating his patients. I would call him a magician, but I know that his practice is based in his deep understanding of our highly complex musculoskeletal system. When I walk out of his office, I feel confident, relaxed, and ready to partake in my next athletic endeavor.

I constantly refer friends and acquaintances to him. The two years I spent in “physical therapy”, repeating exercises, using various machines, helped me to feel like I was doing “something” to help my recovery, but the few months of work I did w/Barry, actually healed me. I continue to see Barry periodically for a “tune up”. His goal is to get you out of his office. He does not promote dependency and he encourages self-care. Barry Meklir is a highly skilled practitioner. More than that, he is a brilliant healer.

Annice Kra

Brookline, MA

I’d like to express my extreme appreciation and satisfaction for the help Barry has given me. There were many times when suffering with intense back pain, I could barely stand up or even walk! Barry is extremely intuitive and highly knowledgable in the field of Muscular Therapy.  He is extensively trained and keenly blessed with the fine skills to bring the body (and mind) back to wellness. Barry Meklir is a very gifted Healer. He wields a most welcome and  mighty ‘force’.

Andrea Dovner

Sharon, MA

When I came to Barry Meklir, I had been suffering persistent lower back pain and neck pain for over three years. I also had pain in both my shoulders for over ten years (from previous injuries). It was keeping me awake at night and limiting my daily activities. I had tried Western medicine, sports medicine, and acupuncture. Nothing was helping and things were getting worse.

I had several treatments with Barry. With each treatment he removed more and more pain. With my first treatment, he fixed my lower back and removed the pain. It was completely cured and now several months later it has not returned. Barry fixed my lower back, then my shoulders, then my neck. His work was astonishing. Now all the pain is gone. I have full range of motion in my neck, shoulders, and back and the pain has not returned. I am just thrilled!

I would highly recommend Barry Meklir to anyone. I carry his cards and brochures with me and have given them to my friends and work associates. If you are tired of living with muscle or joint pain and you want to see results, then go see Barry!

Joe Szep

Watertown, MA

Barry Meklir represents the finest in providing a comprehensive solution to physical ailments. Over the past year, I was given multiple explanations for the cause of my lower  back pain. I spoke with various doctors, a radiologist, a MRI specialist, an orthopedic surgeon and had way too many chiropractor visits, all of which gave me a different explanation for my back pain. After becoming more frustrated and confused every day, I went in Barry’s direction to see if he could get down to the underlying causes of the pain I was experiencing. I couldn’t help but to feel skeptical about seeing yet another medical professional, but his analysis and advice far exceeded my expectations.

What he was able to do for me was to analyze my situation thoroughly and not only diagnose the major causes of my back pain, but pinpointed many of the little aspects in my posture and daily life that were attributing to my reoccurring pain. Whereas a chiropractor takes an approach that you must be seen many times over a given period in order to “get relief”, Barry will provide you with a solution that will get you feeling much better with far fewer visits. Barry Meklir doesn’t want you to live in pain in his office. His goal is to get you feeling better faster so you can live your life the way you used to.

Benjamin Fenn

Brighton, MA

When I came to see Barry, I had recently been in a motor vehicle accident, my neck and shoulders were locked up in severe spasms – so much so that I was walking around stooped over like an old woman. I was on a business trip and I was just looking for a little relaxing massage – instead, I found Barry. That was about six months ago – since then he has not only helped with the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders but the pain in my lower back associated with other issues from my car accident. It has been such a pleasure working with him since he is always happy to support his treatment theory and practice with detailed explanations and even documentation from his books!

Elizabeth Oei RN,BS

Product Manager, Physiometrix, Inc.

Having had back surgery in 1984, I had grown accustomed to living with a certain degree of back and neck pain as well as frequent headaches. I wrongly believed nothing could be done about them. I was referred to Barry Meklir by a friend and only half believing I went to see him. It was with great surprise that after only 3 sessions with Barry I stopped using pain killers on a regular basis and started feeling really well!

What was even more surprising was that Barry took the time to not only understand what was causing the pain, and fix it, but also to assess what in my daily routine could acerbate it and/or cause it to reoccur and wisely advised me on methods to prevent that from happening. I guess it is sad to have been surprised by such behavior; for it reflects the sorry state of our health care system when we expect to find doctors who are not truly devoted to helping their patients to their utmost abilities. It has been a relief and a pleasure to have found an exception in Barry. It is abundantly clear to me that he cares deeply about all of his patients and that he strives to make that caring evident in his practice. I would suggest to anyone who is in pain to lose the thought that “no one can help me, I’ll just have to live with it” and take action by calling Muscular Solutions!

Ippolita Passigli

Chestnut Hill, MA

Barry did an excellent job of putting me back together after a nasty car accident in December 2001. I had very little idea what was wrong, other than knowing that a bunch of things were out of whack and I was in pain. Even my regular doctor wasn’t able to figure out how extensively I was hurt, sending me for lots of tests that were wholly unnecessary, like an EKG. Barry’s greatest diagnostic skill is knowing how everything in the body is connected, and that damage in one place often shows up in a completely different, unexpected place. He does a thorough job, and fixes the problem and alleviates any of the secondary problems. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs thorough, investigative musculo-skeletal treatment, especially when traditional, HMO-based medicine fails us again and again.

Christopher S. Penn

Framingham, MA

Barry Meklir has been instrumental in relieving neck and shoulder pain from a surgical procedure. Aside from his tremendous ability to relax chronically tightened muscles, he is a compassionate practitioner. A rare combination these days.

Rabbi Alvin Sandberg

Brookline, MA

For a little over two years I had bilateral tendonitis in my elbows. I had sought help from and internist, an orthopod, and finally a pain clinic, all to no avail. Mr. Meklir was my last hope.  Withing three months of having regular muscular therapy and following his recommendations regarding specific strengthening exercises, I was pain free. To date, I continue to be pain free, am in great health… and continue to seek his advice on my current exercise program.

Julie Smith

Brookline, MA

After years of chronic pain and muscular problems and various attempts to alleviate my pain through bodywork, rolfing, and medication, I have finally found some relief. Barry combines multiple disciplines of bodywork to not only relieve the pain but to help prevent its return. I leave feeling healthier and more in control of my body.

Michelle Miller

New York, NY

The chiropractor had promised that my back problems would be cured after a year. After one year of seeing him 2-3 times a week, my back was improved, but not cured. He then claimed I needed a second year of treatment. I went to Barry Meklir on the recommendation of a friend.  Barry identified the problem and cured my back pain after only two treatments! Now I see him 1-2 times a year for “a tune-up”. If I did the exercises he gave me, I probably wouldn’t have to see him at all!

Bill Fermon

Peabody, MA

I am thrilled to share I finally feel like my old self running again and between the stretches you showed me for my hips, arms, and back and ensuring I do them once or twice throughout my work day, I feel much more relaxed and my mobility already feels like it has improved further. I ensure that I stretch comfortably!

Thank you so much for your outstanding care and support. Your encouragement to ask questions and your responsiveness to my concerns about my pain and discomfort were immensely appreciated. I did not even realize I was sore in my upper shoulders until you pinpointed the exact location. I learned a lot from you!

Your dedication to your patients is truly remarkable and I’m incredibly grateful Jess recommended you to me! Thank you again, Barry for helping me regain the ability to run again and in only 2 visits! I am truly thankful. I will see you in a few months for a tune up.

Kaylee Hill

Somerville, MA